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The Homepage Movie: First Movie All Made Of Homepages Is Online

Austria(prwindow)- January 15 2007 -The first homepage movie project has started on Just in time to take a snapshot of the way the web looks like in 2008.
Vienna, Austria, January 15, 2008 -- The homepage movie is intended to show the images of one million web pages played in an endless loop. Everybody can register his personal/company web site, blog or online photo album to appear in the movie. Slots from 1 to 10 seconds can be reserved for each page. One second on is currently given away for free.

By reserving a slot, registrants get a certain amount of time during which (1) an image of their page and (2) a link to the registered site are shown to the audience of the movie. The founder of the project – a 27-year old student from Vienna, Austria – regards the homepage movie as a new tool for web site promotion, which might help to get additional attention and to attract new visitors.

It is particularly the associated affiliate program that distinguishes the homepage movie from similar web marketing projects. Everybody can participate in the project by simply telling friends and web site visitors about the movie. The person with the largest number of referrals gets rewarded with 9% of the overall revenues. And also the referrers making second and third place get a certain share in the value of the movie.

According to the initiator of the ambitious project, this unique kind of affiliate program and the free possibility to market any kind of web page complement one another: “The more pages are registered, the more attractive it becomes for affiliates to promote the movie. The resulting increase in promotion implies that more visitors see the movie and that movie slots become more and more attractive.”

The homepage movie shall capture the way the web looks like in 2008. Moreover, the creator of hopes to get rich from the project. The prices for large slots go up to 100 Euros, making the movie worth up to 100 millions.
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Jonathan York
+43 1 2283271
Vienna, Austria



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Jonathan York
homepage movie
+43 1 2283271

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