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The Results Of Jay Kubassek’s CarbonCopyPro After 30 Days

United States(prwindow)- November 20 2007 -Last month, Jay Kubassek, an industry leader for almost 4 years now who currently markets Wealth Masters International, launched what he called the next revolution of marketing systems for online direct sales.

Gelmont, NC, November 19, 2007-- Kubassek explained: "After four years, $400,000 of market testing, and millions of dollars in earnings, we have perfected the most powerful, automated, turn-key, sales and marketing system on the planet. We have permanently solved every problem new entrepreneurs struggle with in Direct Marketing: The Human Variable."

So, what has happened with Kubassek's CarbonCopyPRO after 30 days of deployment? According to Rick Perrotta, who has been marketing Wealth Masters International for the past eight months on Kubassek’s team: “The new CarbonCopyPro system has produced phenomenal results. All activity is automatically tracked and so here are the results:

1. Visitors to the new web site are converting into leads at 3 times the previous rate (before CCPro)
2. New members joining the business opportunity were over the twice the normal monthly number (before CCPro)
3. New members are getting a larger percentage of total sales than ever before.

Rick Perrotta continues: The proof is always in the pudding, and this system is exceeding expectations. CCPro has accomplished the objective of leveling the playing field so that new members do not have to try and compete with more experienced marketers. We all have the same website, simply drive traffic to it, and the CCPro call center takes care of closing the sale. The second accomplishment of more that doubling new member sales is huge. So, YES, Jay Kubassek has hit a home run with the new CarbonCopy Pro turn-key marketing system. The best news is yet to come as the system continues to be tweaked and the benefit of having a pipeline kicks in. It’s hard to believe, but future results should only get better. That being said, these are initial 30 day results only.

Other system features include that it’s easy and quick to set up and use. A new member can literally be up and running in a matter of minutes. The system makes efficient use of my time. I used to spend countless hours talking to less than optimal prospects and that has been eliminated. Now when I talk to a prospect that has been through the system, they are either signed up or close to being signed up. I use my freed up time to concentrate on marketing and helping my downline.

Jay Kubassek states, "While virtually every other opportunity out there uses a broken business model with people competing against each other, we designed CarbonCopyPRO to be a professional sales and marketing system where everyone gets to share and leverage each others' success. This is about creating a story and a legacy. It is something that has never been done before." Rick Perrotta continues: It is Jay Kubassek’s mission to create 100 millionaires over the next five years. CarbonCopyPro may be just the right vehicle to get him there.

Jay stated his "new system is the culmination of years of experience combined with the expertise of other Master Marketers such as Mike Dillard."

Although those interested in the opportunity are required to fill out an application, the application is well worth what waits on the other side – the ability to use CarbonCopyPro to market the Wealth Masters International product line. This dynamic duo may be the best business opportunity out there for new members to achieve financial freedom in the direct sales industry.

For more information about Jay Kubassek's CarbonCopyPRO and Wealth Masters International, visit
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Jay Kubassek
Gelmont, NC
Ph: 4444 222 636



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Jay Kubassek
4444 222 636

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