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The Story of Life by Jimi Hendrix and Curtis Knight - a prophetic but long-forgotten song

Netherlands(prwindow)- November 29 2007 -The Story of Life will be newly presented to the world and the song comes from an cultural and musical heritage, and its lyrical content blends seamlessly with contemporary metaphysical insights as if its time has only now arrived.’

Netherlands,November 29, 2007--On the eve of his passing, Jimi Hendrix wrote a poem. Shortly thereafter, Jimi’s discoverer, Curtis Knight, was asked to put the poem to music under the title “The Story of Life.” In hindsight, the song’s lyrics are a prophetic bridge to the recently surfaced gospels (i.e., the Gospels of Judas, Mary Magdalene and Thomas) and to “A Course in Miracles” – a widely embraced document which many recognize as ‘The Third Testament.’ The Story of Life is now being made available in an unconventional manner.

Since his early demise on 2 September 1970, much has been said about Jimi Hendrix. After all, many consider him to be the greatest guitarist of all time! His timeless music has already influenced several generations. And now, 37 years after his passing, a very important but as yet little-known song of Jimi and his discoverer Curtis Knight.Next Tuesday, 27 November 2007, is the sixty-fifth birthday of James Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix. He was born in the American city of Seattle. He was part African American and part Cherokee, but, as recently disclosed by Jimi’s brother Leon, was also part Dutch. His birthday is a fitting moment for seeing the meaning of The Story of Life in a new and deeper light.

Lelystad City of Lilies

The story of Jesus, so easy to explain, after they crucified him, a woman she claimed his name.” these are the opening lines of The Story of Life. Jimi’s great love, Monika Dannemann, found the handwritten poem and interpreted it to be Jimi’s farewell, but she initially missed its deeper meaning. She later realized that the poem is the lyrics for a song, but that Jimi had not been able to write its music. She asked Jimi’s discoverer and mentor Mont Curtis McNear to fulfill that task.

McNear, himself a living rhythm and blues legend under the artist name Curtis Knight, composed the music and recorded the song in 1971 in New York. However, his recording was never published, and the song sank into oblivion for almost 30 years. The long-forgotten song journeyed, literally and metaphorically, around the world in Curtis’ suitcase – from the United States to China, England and Scandinavia and finally to The Netherlands. In the mid-nineties, Curtis settled in Lelystad, where he recorded his last album “Blues Roots” with Jan Akkerman. There he also met Lelystad composer Martin Weber-Caspers. Curtis and Martin both recognized that their coming together was predestined. “We were never strangers. I knew you before I met you.” wrote Curtis in his last poem, dedicated to Martin. In 1999 they wrote 18 new songs together and co-produced the “New Holland Blues Sound.” The album featured an international cast including Keith Dunn of the United States, Sam Mitchell of England, Dino Walcott of The Antilles, and Larry “Wild” Wrice ( a former husband of Dianah Washington ) of the United States. A week after the live debut of the album, Curtis, Jimi’s discoverer, passed on in Lelystad.

Martin formed Curtis Knight Foundation to honor the body of Curtis’ work. The Foundation will be initiating the worldwide sharing of the “long-forgotten song” on the sixty-fifth birthday of Jimi, and, two days later on 29 November, on the seventh anniversary of Curtis’ passing.

Martin closes by saying – “I believe The Story of Life can bring a deeper level of insight into the lives of many. Seen in this light, Jimi and Curtis will always abide with us.

For further information about this press release, see the attached supporting material and/or call Martin Weber-Caspers at +01131 ( 0 )320 263070.
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Martin Weber-Caspers
Curtis Knight Foundation
Zijpe 3, NL-8244 BV Lelystad-Haven
Flevoland, Netherlands
Ph: +01131 ( 0 )320 263070



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Martin Weber-Caspers
Curtis Knight Foundation
+01131 ( 0 )320 263070

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