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United States(prwindow)- December 31 2007 -As a singing piano player, Dan Gillogly is that rare musician who can say he’s been making a living—a good living—making music for thirty years.
(Chicago, Ill. – Monday, December 31, 2007) As a singing piano player, Dan Gillogly is that rare musician who can say he’s been making a living—a good living—making music for thirty years. “Music production keeps changing,” Dan said recently, but his company has been able to maintain steady work through the ebb and flow of what is popular and in demand at the moment. Dan went on to add, “Right now, one of our best products in the dueling piano show,” a performance that is popular all over the United States at corporate functions and events where audience participation is part of the fun. Dan works with event planners, product roll-outs, networking parties, custom advertising and anything else that could use the addition of a good musical score.

Over the years, the one question Dan has continually gotten from other musicians is, “How do you do it? How does a person make a living making music?”

“Our partnership with Dan is exciting because he is a very enthusiastic guy and a phenomenal musician,” says Bob Regnerus, President of Dan began working with Bob to determine if there really was a business opportunity teaching others to make a living making music. “We created a process for him to find those people online; which means that we developed a landing page and drove leads into that website. Literally, we helped him create a new aspect to his business from scratch.”

Dan said of Bob, “He was really very helpful to me before we even hired him because he was the kind of guy who actually gave before he got. He literally led me in the right direction in terms of my Internet marketing,” In the short time Dan has been working with Bob, he has created an e-book describing the success strategies for his music business and has added music business coach to his repertoire. “Bob showed us how to generate leads,” Dan said. “Then he showed us that we actually had a business and helped us to find the other people we needed to create the product. We’re selling product right now.”

As a Qualified Google Advertising Company, manages the most important aspects of paid traffic, keeping Dan’s website, highly ranked in the largest and most-used search engines. As well, they promote organic traffic through article distribution, link building strategies, press releases, blog promotion, and advanced online traffic strategies.

“I’m a musician, I don’t think scientifically,” says Dan. “Bob showed me with concrete results that there truly was a business out there that we needed to start developing product for. He showed us exactly how many people were showing up, what our conversion rate was, and how much it cost to generate each lead. In turn, that allowed us to develop products at a price we knew people could afford and yet still recoup our costs for generating that lead.”

The week his first e-book was launched, and copies began to sell, Dan said, “My wife and I were doing a dance over here. It was freezing cold and we were out in the back yard, just dancing. We wouldn’t have been able to do that without Bob.” manages online traffic for successful information marketers, major corporations, and educational institutions. As implied, specializes in lead generation for clients; helping secure clients in the marketing funnel on the front end, so they can focus on the more lucrative "back end" sales funnel. is not a typical SEM agency, in that they only manage PPC traffic for a client. They also offer such SEO services as writing and distributing articles and press releases, setting up links, as well as managing blogs, etc. For more information about, or to receive a FREE promotional CD on how they can successfully manage your online traffic, please visit

If you would like to learn how to turn your musical skills into a business, visit Dan at and To book Dan for a performance, visit


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