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Women Entrepreneurs Are Put To The Test With Million Impossible

United Kingdom(prwindow)- January 08 2008 -The Record Breaking PLC is looking to run a feature on Women in Business and is currently looking for Women Entrepreneurs to join the Million Impossible’s Entrepreneur web site.

Essex,UK,Jan 08,2008-- Women can give birth to children and can absorb a huge amount of pain. Its natures built in mechanism that surely makes women tougher mentally than men? So how do our amazing UK Business Women use these mental control skills in business practice?

Could a Business Woman become the 2008 Million Impossible Entrepreneur of the year 2008? Women think very differently to men... But how does their thought process effect how they manage their days and are they hungrier for success than men?

Million Impossible launched a website in November 2007 aimed and bringing Entrepreneurs of all types together and uniting together to create make “Dreams a Reality” using “Strength in Numbers”. The Record Breaking PLC is now looking to run a feature on Women in Business and is currently looking for Women Entrepreneurs to join the Million Impossible’s Entrepreneur web site.

Each member that Joins Million Impossible is provided with a full career and business profile for use on the sites exclusive Entrepreneur forums and is offered FREE UK wide advertising for their business via Business Sourcer.

The Million Impossible site already has a large number of business women who have joined the organisation and who are benefitting from the “Ultimate Entrepreneurs Playground”. All new members are offered shares in the PLC and have the choice to join as a Non Executive Director, should they choose.

Million Impossible’s aim is simple- Bring all types of budding and experienced Entrepreneurs together and create the “Worlds Largest Network” of Entrepreneurial minds which collectively work with each in other in reducing purchasing costs and increase sales leads which lead to increased Gross Profit and help move individual businesses toward success.

No one should walk alone! With Million Impossible you could have somebody with you every step of the way, in fact there is a possibility that the Million Impossible web site could grow to 1000’s of Entrepreneurs each having one common goal in mind – TOTAL SUCCESS.

Million Impossible has not only created a web site for UK Entrepreneurs they have also created a brand called Sourcer Group and have successfully launched a free Internet advertising site called Business Sourcer.

The Essex based PLC have also launched a telecoms number web site called Number Sourcer which offers business numbers for life and intend to launch Billion Impossible in the USA during 2008.
Million Impossible has been created for positive like minded individuals who understand the power of business networking and steer themselves away from negative people
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John Blewitt
Million Impossible Plc
Essex Technology and Innovation Centre,
The Gables, Ongar, Essex CM5 0GA
Tel: 0845 468 5000
fax: 0845 468 5001



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John Blewitt
Million Impossible Plc
0845 468 5000

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