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WorkMoment Releases CybSecure - a Security Tool For Network Administrators & Parents.

India(prwindow)- January 14 2009 -CybSecure is an Internet Filtering, Application Blocking, Device Security Tool. CybSecure blocks access to illegal file downloads and it also provides you increased protection with its EXE and Window Blocker which will prevent the usage of mis-usable software. The Device Security feature provides you with additional protection against data theft by blocking USB and other storage devices which are a threat to company’s sensitive internal data.
KOCHI, INDIA - WorkMoment Software Solutions, a leading Network Security & survillence software development company, today announced the

release of CybSecure, a unique Internet Filtering, Application Blocking, Device Security & Power Management remote control tool which

will help enforce organizational policies with regard to Internet, Applications, Devices & Power respectively.

With it's intuitive and very easy to use interface, anyone including non-technical staffs can very easily understand the working of

CybSecure and can control the whole network of your Organization with a few clicks. Multiple levels of security is also a unique feature

of CybSecure, by which all operations are restricted from unauthorized access.

Another unique feature of CybSecure is that it can be used to enforce the policies inside and outside your network, for example in field

laptops provided to your sub-ordinates. Once the policies are applied at your office, it will be applicable everywhere, even outside your

organizations network. This makes it impossible to misuse the organizations computers.

CybSecure also provides substantial benefits for Network Administrators & IT Managers by it's anywhere, anytime management features using

which all controlling operations can be done from any computer, be it from your office or home.

The main features include,
* Instant Internet OFF/ON.
* Internet Filtering.
* Port Blocking.
* Email Filtering.
* EXE/Window/Application Blocking.
* Intenet Scheduler.
* File Filtering.
* Power Management, Remote Shutdown/Reboot and Boot Operations.
* Power Scheduler.
* Application Scheduler.
* Blocking USB/DVD/CD/Floppy/External HDDs.
* please visit for more details.

These features enable you to,
* Enforce Internet Policies.
* Block Games, Block Torrent Clients, Block Instant Messengers, Block Peer-To-Peer Applications.
* Schedules the usage of Internet.
* Allow only certain websites to be browsed.
* Block downloading of, Movies, Music files, Zip files, Executable Files, Torrent Files etc.
* Prevent data theft from your organization, through thumb drives etc.
* Save bandwidth.

CybSecure also works in a single computer environment. The standalone installation of CybSecure enables it to work in Home Computer(s)

which will make it an 'EveryWhere Usable' tool. Parents can apply the blocking policies for objectionable websites, games,

CD/DVD/External HDDs/iPods/Thumbs etc. Moreover, CybSecure works with all browsers and email clients.

A fully functional 30-day evaluation copy of CybSecure is available for download at

For pricing details, please visit

CybSecure can be downloaded at

For support queries, please email to


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Rajeev Nair
WorkMoment Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

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