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United States(prwindow)- January 09 2008 -Alliance with You Rock Media Group to Change the Paradigm of Music Development - Using Technologies that Empower Listeners Worldwide
You Rock Media Group (YRMG) announced today its plan to launch a worldwide search for the next great super group/artist. YRMG , a creative branding , marketing and label company – will begin designing this integrated multimedia production during the spring of 2008. YRMG plans to involve
music entertainment, media, and consumer wireless hardware to help air the global phenomenon in
2008 and create the voting system behind it.

The “You Rock the World“ event will attract bands and artists from all over the world that have made it
to the final stages of Worldwide “battle of the bands” and music competitions. It will expose global
music enthusiasts to original compositions from these top bands and artists via radio , MP3, cell
phones, the Internet and television using technology to enable listeners to vote for top acts in a system
that builds to a competitive global television event driven solely by listeners’ preferences.

The bands and artists will enter the competition with their choice of their greatest original songs to be displayed and voted on via a patented process developed by YRMG utilizing all currently available media outlets and remote voting technology. This New innovative process utilizes the three traditional media outlets – Internet, Commercial Radio and TV as a voting and advancement mechanism through which the global listening and viewing public are in complete control from beginning to end.

In addition to the global search for great undiscovered bands and artists , YRMG plans several
compelling sidebars to the TV event that will highlight undiscovered songwriters and aspiring talent
scouts, along with a lottery drawing for recording contracts from the various major music labels. This
lottery will ensure record deals for the band and/or artist finalists and will add more Drama to the
program . “You Rock The World” is planned as a major multi-media event that will inject the excitement
and greatness of top musical acts of the past back into the music industry .

Musicians , artists, producers , labels , managers and fans can join the You Rock music community now to sign up and begin interacting with other participants and music lovers . Log on to for more information.




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