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Ziglar Australia offers Sales Training and Sales Tips for Step Two: Relate

Australia(prwindow)- December 03 2007 -The purpose of this step is to RELATE to the prospect and build trust and rapport. This is accomplished by focusing on the prospect and communicating effectively.

Australia, December 3rd, 2007 --Zig Ziglars recent opening of his sales training in Australia has had great success and responses by businesses in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Sales in a profession to be proud of and through honesty, integrity, pride and professionalism all sales people will see success.

Through the implementation of a proven sales process and techniques you achieve more sales from more people, less objections and less stress for the sales person and the buyer. This requires you to demonstrate professionalism and sincere interest in the other person.

What you need to know and do:

How to create a positive, professional first impression.
How to use four styles of questions.
How to build rapport and gather information with POGO questions.

The Ziglar Sales System. This program provides you with the skills and techniques to increase your sales productivity by equipping you with the tools necessary to sell with more confidence, competence and comfort.

Throughout this program you will be developing specific strategies for your prospective customers and current accounts. Our goal is to prepare you to be more productive when you return to your selling activities.

Purpose of Ziglar Sales System:
To increase your sales effectiveness and productivity as a sales professional.

Ziglar Sales System Program Goals:
• Sell more
• Sell more people, more effectively, more ethically and more often
• Increase your existing skills and knowledge
• Build better sales relationships with prospects and customers
• Interpret the value of your products and services
• Implement a client-centered sales process
• Manage and overcome objections in a professional manner
• Develop greater confidence as a person and as a sales professional or
The Sales Expert Toolkit includes closing techniques, questioning, account planning templates, opportunity planning templates and more..

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Ray Schroder
Ziglar Sales System
PO Box 9481
Wynnum West
Queensland 4178
Ph: +61 7 3303 8547



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Ray Schroder
Ziglar Sales System
+61 7 3303 8547

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