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United States(prwindow)- January 22 2008 would like to turn artists and musicians on to a service that provides a mobile media platform for them to share their music and promote themselves and earn hard cash.
Fullerton, CA, January 10, 2008 --( Cell phone users are looking for smarter ways to purchase ringtones. In response to this phenomenon, multiple websites have opened up offering “free” custom ringtones. Consumers beware: as is the case with most consumer products, you get what you pay for. Often times when you see this “free” offer from companies, they are sending you a highly compressed “realtone” file. When played on your mp3 capable handset, the quality of the song sounds like its being played through a 1960’s transistor radio. Isn’t technology supposed to be moving forward? is breaking the stronghold the major record labels and Carriers have had on the ringtone market. By offering a community platform for anybody to upload and sell their original creations as mobile phone content, mpRing is giving power back to the little man by providing them a way to promote themselves and make their own success.

When did it ever make sense to charge $3.00 for a fraction of a song when you can purchase the entire song for $0.99? By offering a direct approach for independent artists, mpRing is able to charge less and pay the artist more for every download. They are cutting out the middle man. Better yet, when you purchase a song through the mpRing community, the consumer can edit and choose a segment from an entire song that they want as their ring tone. The consumer receives a real mp3 ringtone with optimal compression catered to all mp3 handsets.

For more on this company, you can visit their website at Try their “Create Your Own Ringtone” using a song from your computer library. Users of the website are guaranteed to have a unique and interactive experience being part of their final creation - the Ringtone! You will pay less than the cost of acquiring your ringtone through traditional ways and get exactly what you want in the highest quality of sound available.

Mp Ring Inc.
417 S. Associated Road, Suite 304
Brea, CA 92821
Toll-free: +1 (866) 460-0468
Fax: +1 (866) 397-6617


Mp Ring Inc.
Alan Paquette
(866) 460-0468
Fax: +1 (866) 397-6617


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