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Stay At Home Mom Spreads Inspiration And Hope With New Website09 February 2008
Bragalia.com provides people around the world with the opportunity to brag about their special life moments. Spreading joy and positive thinking, this new social networking site focuses on the joys in life rather than the negatives.
Global Accés S.L. launches new Ticket System09 February 2008
Global Accés S.L. launches new Ticket System to streamline its global online billing systems
P. Squared Solutions Teams up with Reverse Funnel System and the Maximum Freedom Team08 February 2008
P-Squared Solutions teams up with Ty Coughlin’s Reverse Funnel System and the Maximum Freedom Team to model their home-based business. RFS’s proven automated system and the bonus support from the Maximum Freedom Team is driving the business to new heights.
Share More Delightful Adventures with the Velveteen Rabbit08 February 2008
Margery Williams tickled our imaginations with the lovable bunny in her original novel The Velveteen Rabbit. Readers were left brimming with questions and the desire to read more. R.W. Elliott tackles these longings in his new book, The Velveteen Rabbit’s Further Adventures.
Articulon Sponsors 2008 A Toast to the Triangle08 February 2008
Articulon is a Silver Circle Sponsor of the 23rd annual A Toast to the Triangle, donating $2,500 to the event. This marks the fourth year Articulon has sponsored the event. Proceeds will benefit the Tammy Lynn Foundation, Inc., which in turn supports the programs and services of the Tammy Lynn Center for Developmental Disabilities.
Lefteris Natural - Inspired Skin Care from Inspired Sources – Finally08 February 2008
lefteris natural® is the ultimate in skin care for today’s scrupulous market. Inspired by history; Mediterranean culture; truth; simplicity; duty of care and surprisingly – inspired by the little known Australian Kakadu Plum
A New Twist On An Old Favorite. GlamFurs. They're Not Your Grandmother's Old Furs08 February 2008
Furs have come along way, and they have moved into the hot must-have fashion category to be worn anytime of the day or evening from jeans to gowns. When young women inherited such luxury items from their mothers and grandmothers, having a fur came along with a certain status, and fond memories.
Caleb Clothing Company. Clothing Made To Entertain and Teach.08 February 2008
When people think of "street-wear" clothing lines, they automatically think baggy clothes, gold chains, and some well known boots with the cuff tipped up so you can see the name. Today however, street-wear has gone beyond the baggy look and chains, and it continues to reach new heights. Introducing Caleb Clothing Company.
Godby Advertising Launches New Website For Companies To Take Their Branding To The Next Level08 February 2008
Promotional products have become one of the key ingredients of marketing and advertising campaigns run by businesses. Godby Advertising knows firsthand how valuable promotional products can be in effectively boosting your sales. It is actually among one of the most effective advertising methods used by businesses today. Business gifts top the charts as the most popular use of promotional products.
Latina Entrepreneur Creates Her Own Opportunities With A New Eco-Friendly Business Venture08 February 2008
What started out as a mere thought several years ago quickly became the foundation of her plan to starting her own business, with her natural concern for the environment Ms. Soto set off to create her new eco friendly company.
Up And Coming Singing Artist Kelly-Lynn - The Antidote To Todays Pop Stars Gone Wild08 February 2008
In a time when todays young stars have tarnished their clean image and careers with choices that have lead to arrests and stints at rehab, in comes Kelly-Lynn, a rare find in todays clutter of "pop stars gone wild", and an advocate of clean music who is against all that is raving havoc on todays young hollywood scene like teen alcohol use, sex outside of mariage,drug use and violence.
Lefteris Natural - Inspired Skin Care from Inspired Sources – Finally08 February 2008
lefteris natural® is the ultimate in skin care for today’s scrupulous market. Inspired by history; Mediterranean culture; truth; simplicity; duty of care and surprisingly – inspired by the little known Australian Kakadu Plum.
The Malta Grand Harbour Boat Show, 4-8 June08 February 2008
Powerboat P1, MFCC (Malta Fairs and Convention Centre) and VGT (Valletta Gateway Terminal) have reached an agreement to integrate the Boat Show within the 2008 Powerboat P1 Maltese Grand Prix of the Sea. The Malta Grand Harbour Boat Show with its fresh new identity, will increase the entertainment content of the P1 event whilst also providing an international platform for the Boat Show with potential to attract exhibitors and buyers from other parts of the world.
Public Access to Court Records08 February 2008
People want to access court records for many, different reasons. For some, accessing court records is the appealing substitute for not being able to attend a court proceeding because of a day job.
‘Fire’, the most admired and controversial film by Deepa Mehta, is manufactured and released on DVD with subtitles in English by the most established name in home video industry, Eagle Home Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. ‘Fire’ is Deepa Mehta’s first movie sensitively depicting the story of ‘’two women who, frustrated by marriage, find solace in each other while living in a repressive society. It targets the traditional role of Indian women which demands that they quietly bow to fate and husband’’
A. Santos Paradise Resort in Lemery Launches Website with Efficient, Easy-to-Use Reservation System08 February 2008
A. Santos Paradise Resort in Lemery, Batangas, Philippines launches its website (www.asantosparadiseresort.com) equipped with an easy-to-use reservation system that offers best rates and other great online benefits.
Intrasphere Technologies Releases PharmaCM Submissions Management and Authoring Module08 February 2008
Module Powered by Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, the solution created specifically for life sciences organizations simplifies the creation, review and preparation of regulatory content for submissions.
Natural Bodybuilding Contest Preparation Course Scores 100%08 February 2008
Tony DiCostanzo of Long Island, New York, has become the first male student to gain a perfect 100% score of the Natural Bodybuilding Contest Preparation certificate course run by the International Academy of Physique Conditioning (IAPC) - http://iapc.us It is the world's first bodybuilding contest preparation certification course, and teaches insider secrets on how to win a Natural Bodybuilding Show.
Blue Cabana, LLC Expands Tax Tips And Advice On Savemoney.Com08 February 2008
Blue Cabana, LLC in time for the tax season expands tax advice on savemoney.com with articles on general tax tips, tax debt reduction, tax software, tax on-line services and how to avoid or survive a tax audit.
Advanced Antenna, Inc. Announces Wimax Solutions08 February 2008
Advanced Antenna, Inc., a manufacturer of wireless antennas for broadband and cellular applications, announced today that its WiMax solution for 3.5 to 3.65 GHz passed field testing at customer sites in Canada and Michigan.
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