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Generation Y: Exposed, Explored, Explained08 February 2008
New book highlights successes by members of the newest generation of young adults and offers insights about how to appeal to this group
Cosmosing.com, joins the Hunger Relief Fight by Making A Few Simple Clicks Everyday.08 February 2008
Cosmosing.com, an avant garde social networking site, joins the ranks of Angelina Jolie, Madonna, and U2's Bono in the fight to end world hunger. Cosmosing.com has chosen Children International as their charity organization in hopes of providing a better life to poverty stricken areas, such as Africa, Asia, South America and even the United States by introducing a new program called Children Care.
Myadbase - a place for website publishers to shout about their online advertising services08 February 2008
Myadbase has now expanded its offerings and functionality for sellers of online advertising who are based in the UK and Ireland.
Falls Church real estate portal launched08 February 2008
Speaking on the occasion, Debra had this to say “I have been in the real estate business for nearly 12 years now and have seen what the internet can do for any real estate business
Diamond Engagement Ring eStore Now Offers Complimentary Consultations with Engagement Specialists08 February 2008
Men stressed out about finding the perfect diamond engagement ring can now receive a free, personalized online consultation with an engagement specialist.
Imus, Dog Chapman and now ... "American Nigger"?08 February 2008
AllCities Library is pleased to announce the release of "American Nigger: Black Beyond King"; a new title by Dwight Harris
The Lighthouse Marina Resort Launches New Reservation System on Website07 February 2008
The Lighthouse Marina Resort expands its stellar customer service suite at http://www.lighthousesubic.com/ with a reservation system that offers a more convenient and reliable way of booking rooms online.
New Medical Use for Honey07 February 2008
Honey made from a particular floral source is being used as a main ingredient in health care products due to the presence of antibacterial components and strong healing properties.
Bankruptcy is still an available option to most Americans in financial difficulty. Creditors can be stopped, and foreclosures can be prevented. Bankruptcy is not dead. In fact, today, most Americans in financial difficulty can still use the Bankruptcy Courts for protection. There are two ways to establish your eligibility for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.
Domont Studio Gallery Presents John J Domont’s latest Begging Bowl paintings07 February 2008
Indianapolis artist John J Domont will exhibit a new collection of Begging Bowl paintings at the Domont Studio Gallery.
Take a Trip Back to the Seventies in Now Playing at a Theater Near Me07 February 2008
Tim McGlynn's, Now Playing at Theater Near Me, is a fantastic and tickling book that presents insights into teen culture in the seventies and their popular way of accessing information, drive-in movie theaters. McGlynn transports his readers back in time and watches familiar movies like The Car Crash at the Drive-In while the culture watching is rapidly changing.
WCPE Preview! Features Burning Coal Theatre of Raleigh, N.C.07 February 2008
WCPE’s weekly program, Preview!, will feature an interview with Jerome Davis, artistic director of Burning Coal Theatre Company. The interview will air on Sunday, February 10.
New Book on Cambodia: Walking Away from the Killing Fields07 February 2008
This book tells a story about Nophea Sasaki's determination to overcome his childhood's fear and pursue and accomplish his dreams. This book will teach the reader with real life experiences and examples how to bring their dream to realization. It will explain the reader step by step how to (he) become a university professor.
Lookeen, the new search tool for Outlook, wins its first major customer07 February 2008
When Frequentis AG, a developer of communication and information solutions for safety-critical applications, upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2007 they decided to use the new Outlook add-in Lookeen as their favourite search tool.
Custom Wool Rugs Online – Find Exactly the One That You Want07 February 2008
London, UK Tuesday, February 05, 2008− Made-to-measure-rugs.co.uk website gives its customers a possibility to design their own rug online and place an order for its creation straight away. An easy to use tool and open-minded customer policy of Made-to-measure-rugs.co.uk turned out to be an outstanding solution for those seeking something unique for their interior.
The Federal Banking Co-op Launches TheCertificateofDepositStore.com07 February 2008
The Federal Banking Co-Op introduced TheCertificateofDepositStore.com to assist members in making international deposits at higher interest rates.
Nissan of Norwich announces great offers for the occasion of President’s Day07 February 2008
Nissan of Norwich, a premier Nissan dealership in Norwich, Connecticut announces exciting offers on all new Nissan vehicles for this President’s Day. For more details about the offer, visit the dealership website http://www.nissanofnorwich.com/ or call (860) 892-6000.
Everything perishes with time but the only substance which remains is Education, hence one must get the best of the academic knowledge. The presence of institutes like Asia Pacific Institute of Management (AIM) keeps such hopes alive.
High-Tech-Green Building becomes the new home of the ENTIRETEC AG07 February 2008
The ENIRETEC OFFICE CENTER (EOC) incorporates state-of-the-art technical equipment to guarantee customers an absolute secure and cutting-edge operational environment with innovative technologies within.
Nissan of Norwich announces Valentine’s Day offers on Nissan models07 February 2008
Nissan of Norwich, a leading Nissan Dealership in Norwich, Connecticut, has announced offers on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. For more details, visit http://www.nissanofnorwich.com/ or call (860) 892–6000.
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