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Must Do Africa: Acacia Adventure Holidays' 2008 Brochure01 February 2008
Hidden gems in South Africa, secret havens in Madagascar and eco-ploration with a wilder side – all these experiences and more are available in Acacia Adventure Holidays’ latest 2008 brochure. The tour operator has also introduced several bite size overland itineraries, which are perfect for time sensitive travellers who still want a snap shot of Africa.
Selling Up & Living it Up Seminar – Belfast 7th Feb 6pm31 January 2008
BizSales Business Brokers, in conjunction with Focus Business Advisers and Willis Financial Services have organised a free seminar on Grooming your business for sale, selling it and enjoying the hard earned proceeds.
Manuka Honey, Nature's Own First Aid31 January 2008
A special type of honey is being used as a main ingredient in wound care products due to the presence of strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.
Bid on Autographed Guitars from Your Favorite Artists While Giving to a Good Cause31 January 2008
Charitybuzz.com, an online charity auction site, is now offering various guitars autographed by artists ranging from country music stars, Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw, to rock legends, Paul Westerberg and Kiss. Proceeds from the auction will benefit Musicians on Call.
The Year of Mobile Email and Backup and Restore for the Masses31 January 2008
2008 will be the year when mobile email and backup and restore for mobile devices take off, in particular in emerging markets. We will see massive growth in mobile email in the consumer space due to the successful adoption of industry standards such as IMAP (LEMONADE) and SyncML, bringing high-value services to low-cost devices.
WCPE Expands Offerings to Mandarin Speaking Audience31 January 2008
New Web site Goodien.org Reaches World’s Largest Language Population
Polyurethane Tubing Offers Rubber-Like Flexibility with the Durability of Plastic31 January 2008
NewAge Industries manufactures and stocks its flexible polyurethane tubing, Superthane(R), in both ether and ester formulations. The tubing is designed to withstand wear, abrasion, chemicals, and moisture in a variety of gas and fluid applications. It combines some of the best-known properties of rubber tubing—flexibility, tensile strength, and low compression set—with the durability of plastic. Superthane handles pressure and vacuum applications better than corresponding sizes of rubber tubing.
CookieCutterGirl Rocks The Cover Of Lyrics Inc Magazine With Pop Superhero Interview31 January 2008
Cookie Cutter Girl strikes a pose for the cover of Lyrics Inc magazine.A 21st century Pop Superhero, CCG is "freeing women from the mold in which society holds them captive." Dive into her dream world and discover your Inner Superhero.
First Ever Daily Text Message Service To Raise Consciousness31 January 2008
My Daily G Delivers Free Messages For Vitality And Awareness To Cell Phones
Scarheal INC releases Scar Esthetique Scar Treatment Cream31 January 2008
Florida (January 31, 2008) ScarHeal skin care solutions, founded in 1988, has released the Scar Esthetique® Scar Crème which is an effective scar treatment cream having 16 effective treatment ingredients in one bottle.
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IPhone Magic- Largest Downloading Site For Entertainment Media On The Internet...But Is It For You?31 January 2008
A complete review of the IPhone Magic download experience on the internet- a "can't miss" for all IPhone users.
Meditation Becoming Increasingly Recognised As A Mainstream Treatment31 January 2008
The practice of meditating is rapidly garnering the respect of medical professionals and mainstream practitioners as an effective way to cure and help patients with a number of psychological and physiological ailments, according to new research released today.
The Quan Yin Center Announces it’s New BioPhotonic Scanner30 January 2008
Ever wonder if you really are what you eat? The Quan Yin Center today introduces the BioPhotonic Scanner, a testing device that non-invasively measures the human body's level of carotenoid antioxidants, and lets you know if that apple a day really is keeping the doctor away.
Massachusetts Academy of Dermatology Uses VisualDxHealth Web Widgets to Educate Consumers30 January 2008
Interactive Web tools aid in the prevention and early detection of most common cancer
Online tradesman and builder recommendation service www.homepromatch.com expands service range .30 January 2008
Homepromatch.com has added several important service categories to its online tradesmen and builder recommendation service. There are now 50 main tradesmen categories and over 250 unique job types offered to homeowners throughout the UK. Homepromatch.com is a free to homeowner online service which connects UK homeowners with customer rated and recommended builders and tradesmen.
Questico Astrology - birthdays this month are in the Age of Aquarius!30 January 2008
What have Emma Bunton (Baby Spice of the Spice Girls), HR Tolkien, Peter Gabriel (ex-Genesis), Vanessa Redgrave, Kate Moss and Virginia Woolf in common? They are all born under the sign of Aquarius. The same goes for anyone who has a birthday either this week or next (21st January to 19th February). This is something quite special as we are living in the Age of Aquarius.
Stable IPTV Services. Connect your IPTV Gateway and Set-Top-Box with easy to install fibres!30 January 2008
Homefibre digital network gmbh, the experts for optical digital network solutions based on Polymer Optical Fibre (POF) has recently released a self installation set to connect IPTV gateway and Set-Top-Box.
Maternity Leave Pastime Becomes A Large Family-Owned Online Cosmetics Fairy30 January 2008
The CosmeticsFairy.co.uk online cosmetics shop keeps expanding and is now an authorized stockist for the “Purelogicol” brand of advanced skin care products.
New Chief Financial Officer Appointed To Momentum Web Solutions30 January 2008
Momentum Web Solutions, a leading provider of search engine marketing and website optimisation services for small and medium sized businesses, announces the appointment of Martin Wilkinson as Chief Financial Officer.
How To Build A Cnc Machine News Cnc Website On Cncfuture.Com30 January 2008
How to Build a CNC Machine information and news has just been released at CNCFuture.com. All of the details on How to Build a CNC Machine can be found at CNC Future along with other CNC News.
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