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emyproperty’s Ajman office opening marks further expansion in UAE01 July 2008
Ajman is feeding off consumer aversion to Dubai's high property prices, so emyproperty with its Ajman office will assist the investors to grasp these lucrative opportunities that have made it a center for commercialization and unique place to live in. This office will prove to be the “hub” for the property hunters to identify and develop their property portfolios.

An integrated software of media converter and DRM remover01 July 2008
Daniusoft Studio release Media Converter PRO – an integrated software of media converter and DRM remover
Titanium-Jewelry.com Announces Availability of Palladium Wedding Bands01 July 2008
Retailer of mens wedding bands offers additional metals for contemporary jewelry selections
New DVD Media Disc Offers Substantially Lower Shipping Costs.01 July 2008
The new Flex-Lite Disc reduces shipping costs by as much as $0.30, uses 50% less plastic than the traditional DVD and bringing a new wave of flexibility to the market.
Sandbox Couture Offers Cool Savings for Hot Summer Fashions01 July 2008
Featured designers and great savings on baby clothes & designer children's clothes ideal for summer season
Alex Lattimore Comes Full Circle01 July 2008
Local Artist Finishes International Tour Back Home in Atlanta
New Guide Shows How Average People Can Save as Much as 75% On Used Auto Parts01 July 2008
Special guide instructs consumers on the Do’s and Don’ts of buying used auto parts, opening up junkyards and used auto part stores – even for average Joes.
Ciklum became the 46 member of Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative.01 July 2008
Ciklum, a well-established Ukrainian outsourcing company of Danish origin that specializes in nearshore software development outsourcing became the 46 member of Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative.
Rid Your Home Of Pesky Ghosts And Spirits01 July 2008
Ghosts are everywhere. Ghosts are like unwanted pests. The new book "Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster" shows readers how to get rid of these pests
Weekly Report on Awarded Federal Contracts in Montgomery County, Maryland01 July 2008
Montgomery County businesses win over $32 million worth of federal contracts during week of June 23rd 2008.
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Developing Master Franchise with Astreem - Astreem builds and grows businesses through franchising01 July 2008
The overwhelming success of a famous local bakery store in Singapore that has expanded in 9 other countries resulted from a single branch that only started 8 years ago. You can find 7-11 stores in almost every corner of the streets locally and internationally, deriving from the fact that it started from a store selling ice blocks. Giant brands did not always start big in their industry. They all started with a good idea through an outlet.
As part of its commitment to sustainable construction and assisting developers to minimise the impact of housebuilding on wildlife habitats, Ibstock has designed a range of clay homes for bats and swifts that can be incorporated into any new buildings or conservation work.
Ibstock has launched its new Umbra range of textured brickwork which creates innovative and subtly changing looks for brick faced buildings. The new range is available in four designs – Wave, Sphere, Pyramid and Sawtooth - which give a textured appearance that changes with natural light throughout the day.
How to Find an Email Address with Email Addresses Directory01 July 2008
Do you need to find an email address? There are reasons why you would want to find an email address of someone. It can be because you want to keep in touch with a long lost friend or it can be because you need to send a message to a relative or a business associate. These are only few of the reasons of wanting to find the email address of a person.
Classic Design Made More Magical For the Holiday Season01 July 2008
Making fantasy tangible: handbag designer NKHenry interprets the fanciful world of myth and translates it into a fantastic world exclusive to fashionable shoppers.
Google Trends to Revolutionise the Search Engine Optimisation Industry01 July 2008
If you own a company and a site for it then you will definitely desire to have a higher page rank in every search engines. When the information regarding the institution or a company or a one man business is available over the search engine, every one desires to have a higher page rank.
Free Search Engine Marketing tips for businesses by leading web design company in UK01 July 2008
It is now widely accepted that Search engine marketing is key to the success of any business small or large. Although businesses are aware of the impotence of search engine marketing lack of technical knowledge and effective search engine marketing techniques prevent them form making utilise the full benefits of search engine marketing for their website.
Fulgent Presents High Performance Cables & Wires30 June 2008
Fulgent knows its ongoing dedication to advanced OEM cables and wires manufacturing techniques and complete service lead to customers' success. To provide more detailed information, Fulgent is looking forward to meeting more customers at China International Industry Fair this year.
Book & Web Site Launched To Help Youth Sports Parents Properly Keep Statistics30 June 2008
Sports Stats Man is a resource for youth sports team coaches and parents to learn how to master the nuances to keeping individual and team statistics. Resources available include a book in printed in e-book formats, a web site with a blog and statistics keeping charts.
UniKeep Design Awards Contest Announces an “Eco-Friendly” Bonus Category Theme for Third Quarter30 June 2008
Make a difference today and design a graphic insert for any UniKeep Binder, Disc Wallet or HiDef Case from July 1 through September 30 to Win a Cash Prize!
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