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Virtual Assistance Gaining Momentum in Western New York01 December 2007
Virtual administrative assistance is helping small businesses in Western New York and the surrounding counties achieve greater success by relieving the burden in everyday office administration.
Retail Stores Pioneer Protection Against MRSA Soapopular Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer01 December 2007
Soapopular brand,announced that retailers nationwide have taken in the alcohol-free hand sanitizer with the hopes of stopping the spread of MRSA and other viruses this season.
BlackWebAds Creates Complete Solution For Marketing To The Black Community Online.01 December 2007
BlackWebAds.Com, A New Concept Seeks Websites and Bloggers for Inclusion in its Growing Publishing Network.
Natasha Barbieri Opens The Door To New Fashions For Men And Women01 December 2007
Glamway24 is a new online boutique that helps the smart and fashion-struck people to avail the best fashion designer companies and brands across the globe. With lots of great features, Glamway24.com is surely to become the #1 online boutiques and a virtual store.
Life Beyond the Web for Your Dynamic Websites30 November 2007
In the past, when you wanted to distribute your web site on CD/DVD, you had to re-write the entire website so it could retrieve data properly and run as it does on the web. The task was so daunting that it's known that only a few companies were up to it. Fortunately, now you can avoid this hassle. DWebPro allows you to distribute a dynamic website on CD-ROM without having to re-write code again.
QNAP Network Digital Surveillance System Successfully Launched in Dream Mall30 November 2007
The leading storage and surveillance provider QNAP Systems, Inc. has launched one of the most successful network digital surveillance systems in Asia's largest multi-functional shopping complex, the Dream Mall.
FAMILY TIES: Utah Family With Knot Problems Creates a Website All About Neckties and How to Tie Them30 November 2007
Sunday mornings can get pretty hectic around the Christiansen household. With five boys who always want to look their best for church, the rush to get to services on time occasionally led to a rather knotty problem – neckties flying in all directions, sometimes along with the frustration of being unable to tie the perfect knot.
Novastor And Webkinz Combine For The Perfect Gift30 November 2007
Novastor offers free webkinz pet with each shipped purchase of their award winning NovaBACKUP data backup and recovery solution.Customers become heroes at work and at home
Exclusive Interview with Uri Geller on Criss Angel Challenge Controversy by Houdini Museum30 November 2007
World is abuzz with Uri Geller's zeroing in on numbers 911 that was hidden in the envelope magician Criss Angel held up live on NBC TV as a challenge for one million dollars.
New Poetry Anthology To Inspire The Planet30 November 2007
"INSPIRE THE PLANET", an important and beautiful anthology of poetry from the members of the Muses and Confidantes community online at www.igotmuse.com, has been published on Thanksgiving Day to bring its compelling message about the power of creativity in making a difference to people all over the world.?
Beneomega.Com Announces Campaign To Combat Holiday Weight Gain30 November 2007
BeneOmega announced today a program to encourage Americans to take action to combat the serious problem of holiday weight gain in response to National Institutes of Health warning.
Jagcashflowseminar Launches Cash Flow Seminar Movie To Help Home Business Owners30 November 2007
Cait Stanley and JagCashFlowSeminar.com announce a new online presentation which offers home business owners essential tools to overcome the traditional 95% odds of failure.
UpsideLMS selected by MAEER’s MIT Pune for its School of Distance Education and College of Insurance30 November 2007
Upside Learning's Learning Management System, UpsideLMS, has been implemented at two educational institutions in Pune: MAEER's Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) School of Distance Education and MAEER's MIT College of Insurance.
QNAP TS-109 Pro Honored with Selection Product 2007 from PresencePC30 November 2007
The leading storage provider QNAP Systems, Inc. today announced its All-in-one NAS TS-109 Pro honored with "Selection Product 2007" from PresencePC, France. TS-109 Pro is commented as "an innovative NAS through the use of a new more powerful processor and... its fanless design ensures minimum noise. The features are at best NAS market".
Sleepwellbaby announces new selection of sleep aids and sleep solutions for babies30 November 2007
Sleepwellbaby offers solutions to the sleep problems of adults and children by offering a full variety of sleep, rest and relaxation products for adults and children.
Breakthroughs in Rosacea /acne Research29 November 2007
Over 25 years of research has proven that the demodex mite have contributing factor in the cause of rosacea and many other skin ailments. Seabuckthorn oil has been clinicaly proven to distroy the demodex mite.
Make CD and DVD artwork fast with MyMyMedia29 November 2007
A community driven website for making disc artwork
Mobile voip provider Tpad enables free VoIP Calls for Wi-Fi Mobile Users.29 November 2007
Global phone network Tpad is entering the mobile phone market with a service that will allow users to make free calls worldwide using a Wi-Fi Mobile.
The Story of Life by Jimi Hendrix and Curtis Knight - a prophetic but long-forgotten song29 November 2007
The Story of Life will be newly presented to the world and the song comes from an cultural and musical heritage, and its lyrical content blends seamlessly with contemporary metaphysical insights as if its time has only now arrived.’
Sms-thailand.com Bridges Vast Communication Gap Offering English To Thai SMS Message Translation.29 November 2007
Website acknowledges importance of accurate translation by providing English to Thai SMS text message translation to break through the barrier between two very diverse languages.
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