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The Brands Club Offers Members An Alternative To Cross Border Shopping Trips13 November 2007
The Brands Club Members can take advantage of the high Canadian Dollar without a Cross Border Shopping Trip. Just in time for the holiday shopping season a special shopping bonus is being offered to members.
Team CWW Opens 2008 Registration13 November 2007
Team CWW a womens Triathlon, duathlon and Running team has open registration for the 2008 training season. We have training clinics in Boulder, Denver and surrounding areas
SSLGenie offers 256 bit encryption, a perfect solution to your security needs.13 November 2007
SSLGenie offers 256-bit encryption depending on the Web server. This means that the data cryptographically encoded during an SSL session is at the highest level for the majority of Internet browsers, and nearly impossible to break.
First Phase of Residential Project in Costa Rica Now Available13 November 2007
The developers of Ventanas del Pacifico, a residential project near San Mateo, have announced the availability of the first 8 lots, one of which has already sold. The lots are part of a 30-acre project, which offers home sites of approximately one-acre with ocean views, two clubhouses with pools and percentage ownership in the teak crop nestled on the edge of Ventanas.
eZ Systems wins 2007 Web Idol Award with eZ Publish13 November 2007
eZ Systems proudly won the 2007 Web Idol Award for the second time in a row at cmf2007 in Århus, Denmark. Bård Farstad, co-founder of eZ Systems showed eZ Publish features and functionality, specifically the new eZ Flow interface.
Sliding Doors Driving General Motors Consumers Back to Dealerships For Service13 November 2007
Some GM owners have been complaining about sliding doors automatically opening while driving and many are disappointed that action is not being taken. State Lemon Laws may cover owners but it is important to keep a detailed account to insure a partial or full refund.
City Crickets LLC Establishes Charitable Donations Program13 November 2007
City Crickets a gift giving web site has established a new charitable donations program. Every time a consumer purchases a gift on their site they will donate a portion of the proceed to a charity of the consumer’s choosing.
Affordable and Trusted SSL Certificates from SSLGenie!13 November 2007
MindGenies, a Trusted Global Certification Authority for SSL Certificates, presents SSLGenie - the most cost effective SSL certificates available today.
Dedicated Pet Emergency Management Company Now Up & Wag’N in Herndon, VA - What’s the Wag’N Hype?12 November 2007
A new Pet Emergency Management company named Wag’N Enterprises, LLC recently made its debut in Herndon, VA.
House Walk appoints John Kane as a Director of Quick 3D House Walkthrough branch.12 November 2007
House Walk (www.house-walk.com) is a premier provider of 3D house walkthrough animations for real estate agencies. With over 3 years on the market and a team of 20 + specialists, House Walk is the company that provides affordable, high quality 3d products that intensify real estates companies’ sales.
Teen Author book singning fundraising for the Phoenix Zoo11 November 2007
Children around the world have enjoyed the playfully fun book, The Adventures of Pink Elephant by the up-coming author Christine Amamiya for months. Now they will finally be able to meet the author. On November 24th from 10am to 2pm, Christine Amamiya will be signing copies of her bestselling children’s book, The Adventures of Pink Elephant, at the Phoenix Zoo as a fundraiser to raise the awareness of elephants as an endangered species.
Social Networking for Wine Enthusiasts11 November 2007
A free online dating community for people who enjoy wine immerges from the conglomeration of niche sites on the internet.
Niche Dating Site Seeks Advertisers10 November 2007
WineLoversMeet.com, a free dating site for people who enjoy wine, announces available banner ad space for companies interested in reaching wine enthusiasts.
Winter Brides Find Special Winter Wedding Invitation Postage10 November 2007
The Winter Wedding Ice Rose stamp tops the collection of winter wedding postage stamps introduced by designer TDSwhite. In addition to the Ice Rose, winter brides will find an assortment of seasonally appropriate stamps for their invitations at ArtisticPostage.com.
Solving Climate Change-Follow the Money10 November 2007
Climate change is the challenge of our time. It’s not our only global problem: terrorism, water shortages, fishery depletion, pervasive hunger and poverty all persist on the planet. Yet climate affects everything, and how we deal with this issue will make matters better or worse for all the rest. Over the past century, our energy investments have created a wealthy, dynamic global economy. The only way to shift the direction of climate change is to shift our energy investments.
Bridalhome.com- Milano Formals Unique Venture Help Planning Weddings On-line10 November 2007
Bridalhome.com is the online wedding planning helpline to organize weddings at one go with least botheration at the touch of a button. The website has sites with full range of bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses and other formal wedding outfits. Through Bridalhome.com planners can plan and can decide upon the suitable wedding venue, cakes, reception hall, flowers and other important things that are a pre requisite for weddings.
Find What You’re Looking For At BuyFinders.Com, a new Comparison Shopping Website09 November 2007
BuyFinders.com is a product search website that provides buyers with the tools and information they need to find the right store and the right product for the right price.
World's First Travel Bookmarking Site Launches09 November 2007
TravelBookmarking.com is the first social bookmarking site dedicated to the world's online travel market and offers users the opportunity to research, bookmark and share their favorite travel information for FREE.
Make Anything Work Announces First 'Make Giving Back Work' Recipient09 November 2007
Vancouver-based training company Make Anything Work selects Junior Achievement of British Columbia from five organizations short-listed to receive one percent of all sales for 2007 and 2008 fiscal years.
Megaglobe Logo Becomes A Registered Trademark09 November 2007
New international search engine Megaglobe has registered its logo as a trademark
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