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e-Quake good for global business06 November 2007
This new web led e-revolution is giving the world new business winners especially from small business enterprises (SMEs). Global statistics also show that it is the small businesses that are at the forefront of this ‘Web2.0 of business’ i.e. unleashing and benefiting from the e-quake. e-Innovators like www.DHgate.com are popular online marketplaces where small manufactures of China meet small buyers from over 40 countries many times at their 24X7 convenience.
Estetica Brasil announces the availability of vaginal rejuvenation06 November 2007
Estetica Brasil is a medical tourism company specializing in providing plastic surgery in Brazil, combined with a vacation. It works with a select group of highly skilled plastic surgeons in Fortaleza, Brazil. Estetica Brasil announced the launch of vaginal rejuvenation, a procedure aiming at improving women sexual life.
Designer Postage Site Creates Custom Holiday Cards06 November 2007
ArtisticPostage.com introduces its line of custom holiday greeting cards and custom Christmas cards in time for card buyers to take advantage of a special offer that allows them to get any five cards at no cost. This offer runs until November 8, 2007.
Online Casino Sponsors Professional Boxer05 November 2007
Online gaming giant, CasinoUnreal.com announces their sponsorship arrangement with professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, Keith Berry.
BagButton’s Family of Inventors to Attend the Worlds Largest Christmas Bazaar 200705 November 2007
BagButton LLC (www.bagbutton.com), the Global leader in economical space saving solutions, will be exhibiting at The World's largest Christmas Bazaar exhibition and show Nov 23rd through Dec 2nd, 2007 in the Portland Oregon Expo Center.
Attention all non-profits! LogoBee announces third Logo Design Makeover Giveaway05 November 2007
LogoBee is having its third annual logo design Makeover Giveaway. This is where non-profit organizations submit their information to LogoBee and a group of them will be selected to receive a logo and stationery design package donated by logoBee.
Marks & Spencer and Wal-Mart Drive the Retail Industry’s Eco-Agenda05 November 2007
Marks & Spencer and Wal-Mart drive the ethical agenda of Retailers, which has been dominated by environmental issues in 2006-2007, states a report released by Geneva-based ethical reputation research firm Covalence, Covalence Retail Industry Report 2007.
Tampa Video Production Company Uses Digital Magic for Kids Story05 November 2007
CMR Studios Turns Pop-Up Book Into a Virtual Stage .A video promoting foster care for Hillsborough Kids Inc. presented a challenge to Tampa Bay based video production company CMR Studios. The stories were heart-wrenching and personal, but because of privacy issues they couldn't show any of the families involved
Former Intel Executive Builds Cruise Travel Powerhouse05 November 2007
Former Intel Executive Builds Cruise Travel Powerhouse,Cruise Holidays of Portland Honored with Franchise Awards Three Years in a Row
SSLGenie Reseller Program for Web Designing Companies05 November 2007
SSLGenie Reseller Program gives you the unique ability to integrate the SSLGenie product family into your own product offerings. In turn, share the benefits and cost-effectiveness of SSLGenie with your own customers.
National Magazines ‘Which Caravan’ and ‘Camping Magazine’ Features the BagButton.05 November 2007
‘Which Caravan’ and ‘Camping Magazine’ hit newsstands in November and December, with segment features that discuss the benefits of the BagButton for their readers. More information can be found at www.bagbutton.co.uk
Shopshop.com brings in the Latest in Prom Fashion05 November 2007
The most popular prom styles and traditional yet chic wedding dresses are to be found only at shopshop.com. The designs are extremely eye catchy. Get to see the new collection and the new look of shopshop.com and more useful resources and fashion information.
QNAP Announces Multimedia Application Support with Sony PSP & Nokia N95 on its All-in-One NAS Series05 November 2007
QNAP Announces Multimedia Application Support with Sony PSP & Nokia N95 on its All-in-One NAS Series.
Portofino, nasce il sito turistico ufficiale.04 November 2007
Portofino World Site e' il nuovo sito Turistico Ufficiale di Portofino in Italia. Da sempre considerata una delle otto meraviglie del mondo, Portofino, famosa per la sua bellezza ed esclusivita', abbraccia le nuove tecnologie di Internet per farsi conoscere ed ammirare in tutta la sua bellezza.
Portofino World Site - Official Tourist Site for Portofino.04 November 2007
Portofino World site is the new official tourist site for Portofino in Italy. Always considered one of the eight marvels of the world, Portofino, famous for its beauty and exclusivity, has embraced the new technology of the internet so that everyone can admire and know its beauty and charm.
Management-Ware launches BuiltinTEXT, the most accessible pay-per-click in-text advertising system.04 November 2007
Management-Ware launches BuiltinTEXT, the most accessible online in-text advertising solution. Most of BuiltinTEXT Competitors don’t own the technology, they are only resellers and most of the time it’s every expensive to advertise with them. As a small business or multinational enterprise you don’t want to spend 3000 or 10000 dollar just to open an account to see if that kind of advertisement will work for you. BuiltinTEXT is a self service pay-per-click advertising solution for everyone.
pepper square redefines ARC Business Intelligence (BI) suite online positioning04 November 2007
pepper square brand realignment strategies for ARC BI suite saw the launch of a new website. The new site is focused on paving the way forward for the company’s business focus on the retail sector. ARC was looking for the right partner who could understand online and other marketing needs.
Synchronica Acquires IMAP Specialist GoodServer04 November 2007
Synchronica plc, a leading international vendor of mobile synchronization and device management software, today announced that it has acquired essentially all assets of the U.S. mobile email specialist GoodServer. GoodServer's technology is a key component of Synchronica's Mobile Gateway and underpins the mobile email products of a number of players in the telecoms market. The acquisition will give Synchronica sole rights to GoodServer's intellectual property (IP) and existing license contracts.
Euro 5 Man’ Prize Fund now exceeds €17,000!04 November 2007
Support for this year’s Euro 5 Man tournament has exceeded all expectations, and the prize fund now exceeds a staggering €17,000.00 with huge thanks to all of event sponsors, including Paramina who have donated a brand new, state-of-the-art ACT100 air compressor worth €4,500!
New Sports Website Gives Gamblers the Tools to Make Better Bets04 November 2007
With the soccer website www.livegoals.com introducing their new GameCenter service, gamblers and soccer fans can now look forward to getting more extensive live-updates from European football matches. This means much more excitement to the viewer and for the gambler also an opportunity to increase the return on his/her bets; especially within live-betting.
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