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SSL Certificates are very important for banking websites.15 October 2007
If you are transmitting sensitive information on a web site, such as credit card numbers or personal information, you need to secure it with SSLGenie, the SSL Certification Authority.
Better and Strong Grating Makes a Significant Step to the Middle East15 October 2007
As a leading grating manufacturer in Taiwan, Better and Strong has successfully developed its business in Middle East market this year. It shows Better & Strong's efforts and credibility is widely recognized in overseas markets.
The West Vs the Muslim World15 October 2007
The Thinkers of the West and the Thinkers of the Muslim World need to observe their minds before saying anything to discredit the other side.
Food and health retailers are scrambling to offer instant food testing kits for E.coli and Salmonella
Get Yourself A Royal Treatment at The Avni Apartments London15 October 2007
Apartotels has added another feather in its cap with the inclusion of Avni Apartments in its existing lists of London Apartments. Go and Get a grand and royal treatment at Avni Apartments London.
Estetica Brasil announces the availability of Light Lipo15 October 2007
Fortaleza, Brazil, Estetica Brasil is a medical tourism company specializing in providing plastic surgery combined with a vacation. It works with a select group of highly skilled plastic surgeons in Fortaleza, Brazil. Estetica Brasil announced the launch of Light Lipo, a liposuction procedure performed in the surgeon’s office, with no hospital stay required.
Full Shopping cart and payment gateway intergration at Rs 50000/-15 October 2007
Shopping cart development, e-commerce payment gateway intergration at 50% of the cost.
HDH Medical, Ltd. received the Best Entrepreneurial Company of the year award by F&S14 October 2007
We are very proud to inform you that HDH Medical has received a prestigious award as the Best Entrepreneurial Company of the year 2007 in Europe by Frost and Sullivan. This award is very meaningful to HDH since it recognizes the Company’s achievements and abilities, validating that the Company's business strategy is sound and poised for success. Sincerely yours, Irina Vaysbin, CEO Dr. Jacob Dagan, COB
A better choice foundation founded by Rod Khleif supports non-traditional, holistic cures for cancer14 October 2007
A Better Choice Foundation was founded by Rod Khleif to support the search for the alternative cures, emphasizing holistic and non-traditional approach for cancer.
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Columbus IT Scoops Awards at the Microsoft Gulf Partner Meet 200714 October 2007
(Columbus IT wins recognition for its outstanding performance as Microsoft Dynamics Partner in the EMEA region and for excellence in Sales and Marketing)
Ex Entertainment teams up with One4one.tv to bring paintball to mainstream TV14 October 2007
Extreme Entertainment is working in partnership with Sekwa7prod, broadcasting as One4One TV, to add new paintball content to its catalogue for 2008.
Expert Cures A Case of Past Life Possession14 October 2007
Dr. Goldberg regressed Marsha to the Martinique life as Jacqueline 250 years ago, and removed her subpersonality
Network of Real Estate Web Sites Targets Students and Alumni14 October 2007
PSR Consulting is proud to announce the official launch of EduRealty.com, the premier online resource for real estate near U.S. colleges and universities. EduRealty.com offers a vast network of more than 1,000 sites – each targeting a specific real estate market near a local college or university.
Conversations with Mrs Claus podcast show visits inspirational Christmas author Joyce Simmons!14 October 2007
Conversations with Mrs Claus podcast family show visits Minister, speaker and author Joyce Simmons in Fort Worth, Texas who shares Christmas insights and one of her enchanting children’s Christmas stories is read on this call “The Christmas Snowbirds”. Bernadette Dimitrov (aka Mrs Claus) brings the spirit of Christmas to every podcast. She and her guests educate and entertain with traditions, contests, news, and interviews
Actuarial Science Courses Delhi – An Exciting Career Option.14 October 2007
Apart from training for all competitive level exams, Trump & Gates introduces Actuarial Science study center in New Delhi India by team of highly motivated professionals.
Meetings TV is "On the Air"14 October 2007
First Site to Deliver On-Demand Video Site Tours to Meeting and Event Planners Meeting and Event Planning just became a lot easier, thanks to Meetings TV(www.meetingstv.com).This new web service allows planners to get "an inside look" via video site tours of destinations, hotels, meeting venues and service providers for their next sales meeting, conference or private event.
Charles releases a new book- How to publish your book in 30 minutes free14 October 2007
A Tanzanian author has released a new book titled, How to publish and sell your book in 30 minutes free. The book is designed for authors who want to publish their new books quickly and sell online without facing any problem. - In conjunction with (www.lulu.com), the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.
BagButton’s Exclusive Distribution Family extends to Australia.14 October 2007
BagButton LLC. (www.bagbutton.com) Global leader in economical Vacuum Storage bag Space Saving solutions announced today the launch of a new distribution outlet source. (BagButton Australia) www.bagbutton.com.au
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Contest Rewards Bloggers for Halloween ‘How To’ Articles, Hosted by ZestBit.com12 October 2007
DENVER, October 11, 2007 – The $100 Halloween Contest, hosted by ZestBit.com, a unique interactive blogging space, rewards writers for their Halloween know-how and zest for the holiday. Authors of the best ‘How To’ and answer sharing articles will receive $100 to top internet retailers such as Old Navy, iTunes, and Amazon.com.
The New powerful DVD to iPod Converter for Mac users now released!12 October 2007
With iSkysoft DVD to iPod Converter for Mac, you can Rip DVD to iPod touch,iPod classic and iPod nano and other playback on mac OS. It can support intel Processors and Power PC.
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