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ELAN® Steps-up Dealer Support with New Website and Consumer-Directed Campaign27 June 2008
Company expands nationwide marketing efforts with addition of new marketing tools for its dealers
yourBusinessChannel news: Gutsy New Business TV Show Offers 'Chance of a Lifetime' Million Dollar27 June 2008
The Million Dollar Team will be put to work on real business problems, for real businesses.
Hollister Kids Educational Publications Win Four National Excellence Awards27 June 2008
Philadelphia creative services company adds to portfolio of award-winning educational publications for kids
JAJAH Helps Softphone Companies Go For Hard Market Gains27 June 2008
Gizmo5 Joins Yahoo! and MailVision in Choosing JAJAH's managed services platform to drive global growth
Jing Duann Plans to Expand its Factory; Meeting You in Beijing Expo. This August27 June 2008
Planning to set up another new factory, Jing Duann, combined with its outstanding forging technology and experienced turnkey services, will launch a publicity campaign for this expansion in Beijing Machine Tools Expo. this August.
Corporate Telecommunications Helps Customers Find the Perfect Match27 June 2008
Corporate Telecommunications, a leading distributor of headsets, handsets, voice and data equipment, has launched a unique new service that enables users to check the compatibility of Plantronics headsets and telephone systems at the click of a mouse. It means users avoid the risk of buying products only to find out they are not compatible.
Simple Steps on Doing A People Search27 June 2008
Nowadays, a lot of people are doing more and more people search for a variety of reasons. There are a lot of options on how to do a search. Some opt to use the old fashioned way by hiring a private detective or an investigating agency while some actually do the search themselves through the Internet.
Email Addresses Directory and Alternate Way in Searching Email27 June 2008
Nowadays, everything is almost possible especially that technology has been a great resource in finding a solution for every problem and in making things easier for people. Many years ago, it was impossible to find information regarding a particular person or someone that you don’t know if their email address is the only information that you have. But as of now you can easily search information using email addresses directory.
Egosurf accomplished with people search engine27 June 2008
To those who do not know what egosurf means, it is online personality check. You could check about yourself or someone you are interested in. Personality is what makes individuals, what states the difference from a person to another. It could be your business position, your rank in academic records, the time of your birth there is something that will distinguish you from others. Of course everyone wants to be considered unique and show proofs of this.
Free White Pages Online27 June 2008
While sitting in your sofa, and watching television, you soon remember an old friend of yours who love watching that TV show that you are currently watching. You soon wonder about your old friend and reminisce all of your memories together. Now, you wish to see the person again or maybe keep in touch with the person just to feel better knowing that your old friend is doing great.
Difference of using Web 1.0 with Web 2.0 inDifference of using Web 1.0 with Web 2.0 in searching peo27 June 2008
Web 1.0 was originally created to associate information. This association of information often sums up as a description of a specific person. And so it has been used in people searches. But with the development of Web 2.0 we could get connected at once to the person of our interest as according to Mills Davis from Project10 it is made to connect people. Web 2.0 is also known as “social network”.
The Achievement Radio Network Announces “Intentional Healing” Dr. Jeanne Achterberg27 June 2008
Denver, CO The only free on line radio station for personal development and life-changing information, is proud to add Dr. Jeanne Achterberg to their impressive list of self improvement coaches
Inspiring Tele-Seminar Series Teaches People The Secrets To Becoming A Self-Made Millionaire!26 June 2008
Renowned tele-training company Millionaire Prep School launches a revolutionary new tele-seminar series that helps motivate, educate and inspire people on their path to becoming millionaires.
How to Find a Person’s Address by Address Directory Online26 June 2008
There will come a point in your life that you need to seek addresses of persons. There can be lots of reasons why you would need to do a person’s address search. It can be because you are in charge of your high school reunion and you need to track down all of your old classmates to let them know about the event.
Sixteen Year Old Develops New National Character Development Program For Students In Grades 1-526 June 2008
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Developed From Tremendous Outpouring of Coia’s Shine Through Program
Domain Credits from Daily.co.uk - the cheapest domain registration in the UK26 June 2008
UK domain name and web hosting provider, Daily.co.uk today announced the launch of Domain Credits, the service which brings bulk domain registration discounts within reach even if you only register one domain at a time.
iDTRONIC´s New High-performance UHF Long Range Gate SDK is Innovative and Versatile26 June 2008
iDTRONIC, a leading supplier of RFID Hardware solutions, announces the introduction today of its UHF Long Range Gate Starter Kit
CriticalIllnessInsurance.ca Launches Guaranteed Issue Critical Illness Online Purchase for Canadians26 June 2008
CriticalIllnessInsurance.ca provides Canadians simple, quick, guaranteed critical illness insurance coverage with instant approval and online fulfillment.
Bennett-Watt HD Productions Releases "Discoveries...Asia" Series26 June 2008
The “Discoveries…Asia”, series is the latest collection from Bennett-Watt Entertainment Inc., which has been producing quality, informative, instructional and entertainment programs since 1986 with over 400 titles released and more.
Wayne Rooney's Enjoys Stag Weekend Extravaganza26 June 2008
Soccer Superstar Wayne Rooney indulged in a four day stag weekend before tying the know with Coleen last week.
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