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Comodo CEO Melih Abdulhayoglu Awarded Ernst & Young's Prestigious Entrepreneur Of The Year Award23 June 2008
Abdulhayoglu Recognized for Leadership in Information Technology Software Category
Don’t want a college credit card23 June 2008
You must get a credit card for students as they have some special features which is specially designed for students. It may have features such as no interest for the first year and many more. These are all business tricks. Students must understand this and apply an appropriate card. We have user friendly data base of reviews and articles that will be useful in finding out the right decision while finding your way for a helpful, useful, good credit card.
Ecademy hosts Brent Hoberman at Tower Event23 June 2008
The UK’s leading social business network Ecademy has proudly announced that Brent Hoberman, founder of Lastminute.com and MyDeco.com will be speaking at their forthcoming networking event at the Tower Hotel London on Thursday 19th June.
iPhone accounting for businesses on the move22 June 2008
At a glance: SME's, on the move, online accounting, Xero, iPhone
MobiForms Mobile Development Tool Now Supports Wireless PDA Access To MySQL Databases22 June 2008
Mobile development tool MobiForms 4.05 now includes support for wireless PDA access to MySQL databases. With MobiForms is it now possible to remotely connect to most industry standard databases including Oracle, Sybase, IBM DB2, SQLite, HSQLDB and MySQL.
Shoal Creek Office Condos Available for Purchase: Affinity Properties Representing the Office Owner22 June 2008
Beckham Development, LLC’s office condominiums, located at 8500 Shoal Creek Avenue in Travis County, Austin, TX, are now available for sale through Affinity Properties and REMAX.
IRA123.com Proves Self Directed IRAs are Excellent Tools for Retirement Investing22 June 2008
Hubbard pointed out that investors are excited about the fact that they can potentially earn more on their sellf directed investments than just having retirement funds tied only to the stock market.
The Truth about EDC Gold21 June 2008
Edc gold is a very stable company with the best training on the internet. Selling top rated software
RHUB Communications Joins Polycom ARENA Program21 June 2008
The integration of RHUB TurboMeeting Web conference with Polycom Collaboration platform will enable users to easily launch Polycom audio and video collaboration as part of TurboMeeting sessions
The launching of a new fan site for Angels fans21 June 2008
The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are a professional baseball team based in Anaheim, California.
BeatMike.com, a sports tournament website21 June 2008
BeatMike.com is a good choice for sports fans to show off their sports knowledge. It is a sports tournament website. Players go online, show off as they pick rival sports teams, and can receive up to $1,000 in prizes. The website is sponsored by local advertisers, although advertisers do not receive the players' information and do not solicit their products directly to players.
First Real Innovation for Cleaning Restaurant Kitchens in 100 Years!21 June 2008
Revolutionary restaurant cleaning device saves time and money
Trading EveryDay Launches “Advanced Charting Analysis Explained” Seminar Series21 June 2008
If you’re ready to graduate from Basic Charting Analysis 101 to a more advanced charting analysis course, then “Advanced Charting Analysis Explained” is for you. Get beyond the “How’s” of why trading strategies work and dive into the “Why’s”. You’ll be a better trader after attending this seminar series.
US$3 billion Doha property enlists Thinkscape for digital brand communications20 June 2008
Malaysia's digital agency group Thinkscape, which has a regional setup in Dubai, UAE, will deliver brand communication experience for Al Wa'ab City, a US$3.3bn mixed property development in Doha, Qatar
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Bloor Research labels EntropySoft “clear market leader” for the content migration market20 June 2008
In its new market update for Data Migration, leading European independent research company Bloor Research, classifies EntropySoft as an “Innovator”. In the multi-billion dollar market of Data Migration, EntropySoft is labelled as “the clear technological leader” of the Content Migration sub-market.
Apatar Prevents Deceased Credit Fraud with CDYNE Death Index Data Quality Service20 June 2008
New Apatar data quality connector for CDYNE Death Index Web service checks customer information against U.S. Social Security Administration database and prevents using deceased person’s details.
A new fan site has launched for Cardinals fans20 June 2008
The St. Louis Cardinals (also referred to as "the Cards" or "the Redbirds") are a professional baseball team based in St. Louis, Missouri. They are members of the Central Division in the National League of Major League Baseball.
Privacy and Identity Protection for the Contact Centers20 June 2008
Cyber Infrastructure (P) Limited today announced of having its contact centers protected with industry's leading identity protection standards, “Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard”.
Web-Native PhotoHand Artists Take Orders for Custom Designed and Retouched Wedding Albums Online20 June 2008
Artistically designed, high-end wedding albums are made available to the consumer by PhotoHand.com, as the digital image design company "webbifies" its creative processes and online order management system.
Enjoy the shower with some more items20 June 2008
Dreaming of a luxurious bathroom, in a limited budget? Then you would have definitely thought of Bella. Yes you have landed up in the right place. We have enormous items to make your bathroom a dream world. We look forward to start our day there. So don’t we want it to be more stylish and luxurious?
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