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Wondershare releases Video Converter Platinum version June 2008
Wondershare Video Converter Platinum is a powerful tool to convert videos to all sorts of video formats for all players including iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Zune, PSP, Pocket PC, Creative Zen, and Archos and so on. It can also convert video to FLV for your websites and blogs, and convert downloaded Youtube videos (FLV) to all players.
Legacy Spine & Rehabilitation Centre Plano Chiropractor and Acupuncture07 June 2008
Our Plano clinic incorporates chiropractic, acupuncture and physical medicine to provide you with the highest quality of holistic care.
Website Owners are Wasting $65,000 on Really Dumb Ways of Creating and Promoting Websites07 June 2008
www.LaunchWorkshop.com has compiled a free report that includes the "20 really dumb ways of creating or promoting a website" to help stop the crazy situation where some website owners are wasting $65,000 on really dumb ways of creating and promoting websites.
Online Competition07 June 2008
Stamford, Connecticut -- EGB Systems & Solutions (www.egbsystems.com) announces the operation of a website dedicated to information about ongoing worldwide competitions. Named ‘Competitions Around the World’ (http://www.competearoundtheworld.com), the online information on local and international contests cover areas of arts, science, maths, acting, music, oratory, writing, technology, fashion, modeling and every useful healthy social activities.
Lawsuit Funding Re-Launches Company Website06 June 2008
In addition to lawsuit financing, the company also works with lawfirms to help finance various client needs.
QNAP Announces 1U Rack-Mountable TS-409U Turbo NAS06 June 2008
4-bay hot-swappable, Online RAID Capacity Expansion and RAID Level Migration Supported NAS for Business
DSS Goes Live In Record Time06 June 2008
Dubai, 12 September 2006- SNS, a leading Supply Chain Services provider, announced today the successful implementation of the SSA WMS at Direct Shipping Services LLC – an International Freight Forwarding Company with offices in the UAE, Malaysia, Honk-Kong, India, Turkey, Spain and China. This implementation took place in the UAE where DSS has established a 3PL business to accommodate its customers. DSS is currently using SSA WM 1000.
Pre-defined Shopping Cart Templates for Store Creation- Shopstorenow Offers the Best06 June 2008
Customized shopping cart templates for store creation are now available at Shopstorenow.com. Once the website is created the developer gets the customer to give quality input and e- businesses get good response. The website is also equipped with reliable and profit oriented e-commerce shopping cart features.
Bridalhome.com Offers Wedding Websites & Wedding Shower Gift Ideas- Get the Help of Experts06 June 2008
Customized shopping cart templates for store creation are now available at Shopstorenow.com. Once the website is created the developer gets the customer to give quality input and e- businesses get good response. The website is also equipped with reliable and profit oriented e-commerce shopping cart features.
BooZooYoo.com Offers Premier Freelancer Services06 June 2008
Comprehensive Website Venue Connects Consumers with Service Providers of All Types
DiaCis Launched Free Time Sheet Generator06 June 2008
DiaCis Technologies a California based company Launched DiaCis Time Sheet Generator as Free public release
SourceGuardian, an encryption product developed in-house by Newcastle-based Inovica Ltd., keeps Cube Evolution’s Web Content Management System from falling into the wrong hands. When Cube Evolution created its CMS software, CEO John Dudley realized the product was vulnerable to programming theft.
Winning Roulette System06 June 2008
Play online Roulette Systems Winning, finally, the wheels hit Strategies Free How to win Tips Whether you are new to play online roulette or already shares our love for "Holy Grail" winning systems and strategies. Find the best strategies to win your play roulette favorite game or read the comments of our current best thing legitamite roulette systems on offer.
Techwave.com Launches Graphic, SEO & Staffing Services- Subscribe and Avail Benefits06 June 2008
Techwave.com provides end to end e-commerce solutions available at one click. Now it launches additional services along with its advanced online shopping cart.
Drugs available at online retail pharmacy06 June 2008
For more information about cheap acomplia, cheap soma, cheap carisoma, online pharmacies, acomplia online, slidenafil citrates, diflucan topamax visit: www.24x7pharmacy.com. An online retail pharmacy is a perfect place to buy drugs as today, nobody has time to go to a pharmacy store, wait in queues until the crowd clears up, give prescription to the retailer and again wait until he or she finds your medicine and hands it over to you.
Global Trade of Woody Biomass Has Almost Doubled in Five Years06 June 2008
With the increasing demand for woody biomass, global trade of particularly wood pellets has gone up substantially the past few years as reported in the latest issue of the Wood Resource Quarterly.
PLM Trailer Leasing Opens new Maintenance Facility in Dallas, TX06 June 2008
Continued Expansion of Refrigerated Maintenance Division. These programs utilize both mobile and permanent maintenance facilities offering customers service for either refrigerated or dry freight trailers.
SEO is the mode to enhance your website traffic and visitors-SEOGenies06 June 2008
Search Engine Optimization is the only way to enhance your website traffic and visitors. SEO consists of various tools such as directory, search engines, press release, article and so on. SEOGenies provides you the best SEO tools so that your website must enhance traffic and increases your sales. SEOGenies provides you the best features so that your website must come on the first page of different search engine.
Odyssey 97 Boys go Undefeated to Advance in Classic League Memorial Weekend Tournament06 June 2008
In the summer of 2007 Odyssey's 97 Boys seemed poised to qualify and move into the Classic League after 2 years of solid play against top teams throughout the DFW Metroplex.
Federal Agencies Increase Spending On IT Security Initiatives06 June 2008
US Federal IT security spending has grown by 63% in the past five years and is projected to be $6.8 billion in 2009. “Agencies are struggling to protect their technology infrastructure from increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.
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