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e-Zest provides IT Staff Augmentation services for UK27 May 2008
e-Zest (UK) Ltd., a bespoke software development company, has recently launched its IT staff augmentation services for United Kingdom. e-Zest is already well known for its "best-in-class" bespoke software development services.
You Could Be Having Unclaimed Funds – Claim Now!27 May 2008
You would have heard a mention of unclaimed funds and passed it off as a scam of sorts. You will be surprised to know that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does in fact have plenty of unclaimed funds in their custody and these funds can belong to any United States citizen. IRS revealed that they have around 70 million dollars in unclaimed funds at any point of time.
Matt Sorger Is Coming To Austin, Texas In Early June For A Power Shift Conference27 May 2008
Revivalist Matt Sorger will be in Austin, Texas for 4 days in early June. Make sure to block off your calendars for June 5th-8th for these life -transforming meetings.“Revival is in the air. We are expecting a Spiritual Power Shift in Austin, Texas!!” This is a Texas Regional Event and the invitation is open for all who want to attend.
The Calvanes To Perform On A West Coast Doo Wop Cruise27 May 2008
Memory Lane Concert Cruises today announced. The prestigious Calvanes will be among the twelve groups appearing on the legendary West Coast Doo Wop Cruise.
Cape Verde A Booming Property Market27 May 2008
The Cape Verde Islands, these once little known archipelago comprising of nine inhabited islands and one uninhabited island is now widely believed to be on the brink of an economic boom.
recruitment agency for middle east27 May 2008
Habsons.net is one of the gulf recruitment agencies in india, poised to be an active partner in the growth of companies' located world over by providing from India, it's technologically advanced and highly qualified human resource. We have world wide services like recruitment agency for middle east, recruitment agencies dubai, recruitment consultants uae, recruitment consultant dubai.
Springdale Serviced Residence – A Crowning Glory in Serviced Apartments27 May 2008
Hotels-apartments.co.uk has spreaded its wings to China with its serviced apartments and added a new 5 star luxury apartment in its list of luxury serviced apartments in Guangzhou, China viz. Springdale Serviced Residence.
BabyBox .com Adds Organic Baby Furniture and Organic Crib Bedding27 May 2008
Q Collection Junior™ Joins New Additions to Online Retailer of Baby Bedding and Baby Furniture.
The best place to buy and sell your property27 May 2008
Fsbo is one of the leading sites where you can sell and sell your dream house. Buying or selling a house is the largest financial transaction most business man will ever undertake. So the Fsbo list and sell provides beautiful opportunity to such people to carry out their business. It is not only for the business men, but also it gives opportunity to every one who has a dream to buy or Sell his property.
Bestcoloncleaning.Com Launches A Colon Cleansing Review Blog27 May 2008
Site launches to help consumer choose the right products for colon cleansing. The site Best colon cleaning .com provides colon cleanse reviews, colon cleanse product report cards and offers comprehensive guides to colon cleansing products.
Intas Biopharmaceuticals Limited is all set to market Lung Cancer drug, GEFITINIB, under brand name “GEFFY”, in Indian market.
Stay-At-Home Mom Asks Manufacturers for Proof It's Organic27 May 2008
The EverGreen™ Home, offering the finest organic products for every room in the house. We offers a complete home house organic solution for picky parents and individuals who want to rest assured that they are purchasing truly green.
Procuring Public Marriage Records with Ease!27 May 2008
Marriage is a memorable occasion in every person’s life, be it a man or woman. Just as a birth of the child is memorable for the parents, marriage is memorable and holds the same ecstasy for the two people concerned. But as times change, divorces are more common. According to a survey, half the Americans’ marriages end in a divorce.
Buy Lipitor Made Easy27 May 2008
For more information about buying generic cialis, order lipitor online, lipitor zetia, lipitor pravachol, lipitor cost, buy canada cialis, buy lipitor online visit: www.24x7pharmacy.com. Lipitor is a very useful drug especially for all those people who suffer from higher cholesterol because it can lead to a significant reduction in bad cholesterol and an increase in good cholesterol.
IMMG of Coral Springs, FL, Assists in Presentation of Symposium in Freehold, NJ27 May 2008
Internet Marketing and Management Group, LLC (IMMG), based in Coral Springs, Florida, generated exceptional media coverage for a Major Symposium presented by Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute of New Jersey.
SearchOk a unique meta search engine27 May 2008
SniperSoft has now launched new fully customizable meta search engine tool SearchOk. You will be able to use a variety of tool in order to fully cater this search program to your search needs; you will be under full control over the information that you are interested in.
How To Get Original Certified Birth Certificate Records!27 May 2008
Each one of us at some point of time will need access to the public birth records, which are kept in the government public records department. Birth records contain the person’s data of birth, place of birth and names of the father and mother.
Affinity Consultant – Helping you in Real Estate Investment in India27 May 2008
Affinity Consultant is a Real Estate Agent in India operating since last 10 years. A team of dedicated professionals is headed by A.K. Jain with more than 10 yrs of experience in real estate services handling the entire project in NCR/Delhi.
Genealogy Research – Building Your Family Tree!27 May 2008
There can be nothing as exciting as filling in the gaps in your family tree by researching about your family heritage. You would have heard stories about your forefathers and have bits of information about each generation and would love to know more. The sense of pride this gives you is immense.
Food Matters – but is it the answer to Cancer?27 May 2008
Australia, 19 May 2008 – A provocative new documentary called Food Matters, set to launch globally on May 30, aims to further jolt the trillion dollar worldwide so-called ‘sickness industry’ by declaring a range of scientifically verifiable solutions for curing disease naturally. we’re saying that, our overburdened health care practitioners& to educate people about treatments & healthy living.
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