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The End of Resume Search – Next Level Results with Simple & Effective Mapping at GoRecroot14 May 2008
Resume searches are predominantly based on keyword search on flat files. This approach is transactional and consumes recruiter time and effort. GoRecroot has an intelligent job order to resume mapping method. This mapping method gets recruiters to effective results in quick time. This is particularly relevant now because recruiters are looking to achieve greater quality by hunting for passive candidates. Effective mapping is fundamental to starting a meaningful dialog with a passive candidate.
Trailers and haulers to make your work easier14 May 2008
As trailers and haulers are used for various purposes like loading vehicles, shifting equipment from one place to other to name a few, there are numerous companies that design different types of trailers so as to suit the needs of all. For more information about flatbed trailers, utility trailers, equipment trailers, car haulers, dump trailers visit: www.texasbraggtrailers.com
"Cohesive Life Coaching" Helps Working Adults Excel in their Careers and Personal Lives14 May 2008
Moms and Dads struggling to excel as professionals and parents make tremendous gains by partnering with a with a life coach. Powerful Mind Coaching uses research in Psychology and Mind/Body health to support working parents in their careers and improve quality of life for families. Dr. Mary Coussons-Read, Founding Principal of Powerful Mind Coaching, discusses this process of Cohesive Life Coaching and her results.
Brents In Boxers now on Planetary Streams14 May 2008
Planetary Streams will play BIB live on Fridays at 2 PM (Mountain Time), along with rebroadcasts throughout the week. Check their schedule for exact times. Extended versions of BIB will still appear on BrentsInBoxers.com.
Colortech Inc. Becomes a Certified FSC Supplier14 May 2008
The FSC trademark is to guarantee that the product comes from responsible sources - environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable.
Hungarian version of Multilizer 2007 released14 May 2008
Multilizer now offers the localized Hungarian version of Multilizer 2007. Multilizer now provides service and support to our Hungarian customers in their native language. To meet the requirements of its customers, four versions are offered: Enterprise, Pro for Documents, Pro for Developers, and Pro for Translators.
Business Intelligence the Key to Winning at Outsourcing14 May 2008
Yellowfin is an Australian Business Intelligence company whose BI solution can be easily integrated into any third party application or delivered as a stand alone enterprise platform.
EnerisQ International, LLC announced today that it will represent OTIS (Oil Tank Inspection Service) services to its global base of energy industry customers effective immediately. This service allows for cleaning and inspection of storage tanks, to API standards, without the need to empty the tank and interrupt production operations.
Title: Best kind of loan to reimburse any kind of mortgage14 May 2008
Sometimes people acquire more loan than they can normally reimburse. However, this is nothing to be uncomfortable about. Glut is a human frailty. This way, many individuals end up in danger of non payment. For more information about Secured loan, Debt consolidation loans, homeowner loan, cheap remortgage, visit: www.choiceofloans.co.uk
The week includes classroom seminars, networking opportunities, pond and garden tours, and social events such as Pond Olympics.
Aquascape, Inc. and certified Aquascape Contractors Build Rain Water Harvest System14 May 2008
Rain water harvesting will provide much needed relief to areas of the country experiencing drought and watering restrictions.
Did you know that you can have it all?14 May 2008
The Mansion offers Corporate Clients-Events, Talent and Media
Do you have what it takes to be a Mansion Model?14 May 2008
Part of what we strive to provide for our clients are models that embody glamour in their appearance and their personal presentation.
EntropySoft announces the release of its Content ETL 213 May 2008
EntropySoft, specialist of the ECI market (Enterprise Content Integration), is putting on the market the new version of the first content ETL software for unstructured data: Content ETL 2. By releasing an improved Content ETL, EntropySoft is once more working towards simple, flawless movements between content repositories.
Pennsylvania Insurance Quotes at Insurelog.com13 May 2008
Pennsylvania residents are finding it simple to purchase insurance with the help of the Insurelog.com quote center.
Awesome South African, Julia Holley13 May 2008
Yesterday I had the amazing experience of interviewing 28 year old Durbanite Julia Holley, a brand manager at Unilever SA. From the minute she came on the phone I could feel the energy and enthusiasm she has, not just for her work, but her life.
Conference Venue and Conference Centre13 May 2008
Conference Resources has been established by professional conference venue operators with over 35 years of 'hands on' management experience in conference centers across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. CONFERENCERESOURCES is a FREE conference venue and conference centre finding service. We save you time, frustration and the cost of communicating with the various venues during your selection process.
Glasweld Presents To Spain’S Cesvimap On The Science Of Glass13 May 2008
International automobile damage research and training company looks to GlasWeld for answers in glass repair.
New Tourist Guide And Site Released For Lanzarote, In The Canary Islands13 May 2008
A new guide, as well as a full-fledged site is launched – to help tourists plan a luxury vacation in one of the premier destinations in the Canary Islands – Lanzarote.
Skeptic, James Randi Breaks-Off Negotiations on DogsThatKnow Experiment13 May 2008
Noted Skeptic, James Randi has decided not to participate in ongoing research investigating Dr. Rupert Sheldrake telepathic dog claims.
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