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TGR Group Asia are the developers behind Jumeirah Private Island Phuket, the region’s most exclusive project scheduled for completion in 2009/2010 and set to offer levels of luxury, privacy and security as yet unseen in Asia Pacific. For more information about Jumeirah Yacht Club, super yacht marina phuket, new superyacht marina phuket, visit: http://www.tgr-asia.com/
The private islands, set to be managed by Dubai based luxury international hospitality management group Jumeirah, is located less than 500 metres off Phuket in the Southern Gateway of Phang Nga Bay and will encompass exclusive residential villas, resort, super yacht marina and yacht club. For more information about Jumeirah private island, phuket island, Jumeirah beach villas, visit: www.tgr-asia.com
Wondershare Released DVD Slideshow Builder 4.2.026 April 2008
Today Wondershare Inc. announced immediate availability of Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Version 4.2.0, enabling customers to upgrade to the latest version for getting the best user experience.
VEBSITE Launches Call Center Service26 April 2008
“Vebsite Inc Announces the Launch of New Elite Service: Call Center Service!”
Jumeirah private island Phuket Resort26 April 2008
If you are looking a charming beach with a resort is a great holiday destination for families, groups, wedding parties, couples and singles. You can choose from many exotic beaches. These beach holidays are perfect for a personalized vacation in a soothing locale. For more information phuket island, jumeirah beach villas, jumeirah private island, phuket villas visit: www.tgr-asia.com
Jumeirah | Jumeirah beach villas | Jumeirah island | Tgr26 April 2008
HONG KONG, 12 January, 2008 - TGR Group Asia, the visionary developer behind Jumeirah Private Island Phuket, has today announced that Jumeirah Hotel Beach Villas are being released for sale from 1 January 2008, just in time for lovers seeking the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift! For more information about phuket villas, jumeirah private island phuket, Jumeirah Island visit: www.tgr-asia.com
New heights of luxury and extravaganza26 April 2008
Jumeirah is a private island 80 hectares in size, and is situated at a 15-minute drive from Phuket International Airport. While the Jumeirah private island offers impressive and stay different facilities like five-star hotels, restaurants, spas, schools, hospitals, shopping complexes and other entertainment facilities, it also provides maximum sea views, beach villas, beautiful golf courses and a fantastic weather to enjoy your vacations.
Jumeirah beach villas phuket26 April 2008
Jumeirah Hotel Pool Villas Released for Sale on Jumeirah Private Island Phuket The Ultimate Valentine’s Day wish list item, HONG KONG, 12 January, 2008 HONG KONG, 12 January, 2008 - TGR Group Asia, the visionary developer behind Jumeirah Private Island Phuket, has today announced that Jumeirah Hotel Beach Villas are being released for sale from 1 January 2008, just in time for lovers seeking the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift!
Jumeirah private Island | Jumeirah beach villas | private islands26 April 2008
The biggest hindrance in planning for the vacations is to choose the best and suitable holiday destination. With so many beautiful locations worldwide and travel agencies offering variety of packages. To know more about Jumeriah Island, jumeriah Private Island, jumeirah beach villas, jumeriah visit: www.tgr-asia.com
eMusic has best-ever holiday season sales26 April 2008
Rings in new year with more than 400,000 subscribers NEW YORK, Jan. 2, 2008 -- eMusic the world’s largest retailer of independent music — and the world’s second-largest digital music service after iTunes.
Model Agency26 April 2008
Major model agencies work with the bigger budgeted fashion designers and advertising agencies to promote products and services for consumers and private parties
UPVC Front Doors Could Result In Significant Savings For The Average Household26 April 2008
The average household could save hundreds of pounds every year by switching to UPVC exterior doors, as a result of their greater energy efficient properties, according to industry think-tank BuyDoor.net.
Save up to £6,820 on Select Used Peugeot’s26 April 2008
UK’s Largest Peugeot’s Dealer Offers a Spring Sale
Brother Blue, Storyteller/Street Poet, Joins NATF25 April 2008
The National Audio Theatre Festivals is proud to announce that Brother Blue will be a featured guest artist and conduct various workshops during their week long 27th Audio Theatre Workshop to be held in West Plains MO, June 22-27, 2008.
In Honor of Mother’s Day, Babble Soft is Offering 15% Off25 April 2008
New parents and those shopping for them can get 15% off unique, one-of-a-kind web and mobile software applications that help caregivers communicate about childcare using code: MOTHER#1
WCPE “Preview!” Features Women’s Voices Chorus25 April 2008
WCPE’s weekly program “Preview!” will feature an interview with Allan Friedman, artistic director of the Women’s Voices Chorus. Ken Hoover, WCPE “Great Sacred Music” host, will discuss the Chorus and its upcoming spring concert being held May 4 at the University United Methodist Church in Chapel Hill.
Enjoy Serenity in Fraser Suites Kensington Apartments with Apartotels25 April 2008
Enjoy the tranquillity in a busy location with your stay in Fraser Suites Kensington apartments in London. Apartotels assures of a comfortable stay for the business travellers with all the facilities and amenities in this fully furnished luxury apartment.
IT Junkies, Complete Your Equipment @ Reverse Auction X5!25 April 2008
In this modern day and age of IT and technology, we find that we are steadily increasing our dependency on electronics and computer peripherals. Imagine what would happen if we did not have our trusty computers, laptops, modems, printers and other equipment to help us complete our daily task. How frustrating would it be if we could not keep in touch with loved ones? Even more so if we are running our own business and find that we could not keep up with clients’ demands.
Birth Of A New Icon: The World’s Largest Giant Observation Wheel, Singapore Flyer, Officially Opens25 April 2008
From the comfort of 28 spacious, air-conditioned Singapore Flyer capsules, visitors can witness history unfold before their very eyes as they admire 360-degree, breath-taking views of Singapore’s dynamic cityscape, and parts of Malaysia and Indonesia.
ResellerGenie Plan- a high yielding vehicle for resellers to generate revenue.25 April 2008
MindGenies has started ResellerGenie Plan to save the valuable time of those customers who want to join various resellers program from a single platform. ResellerGenie Plan is a set of project consists of mainly reseller’s service such as Reseller Offers, Domain Reseller Program, SSL Reseller Program and SEO Reseller Program.
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