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ResellerGenie Plan- a high yielding vehicle for resellers to generate revenue.25 April 2008
MindGenies has started ResellerGenie Plan to save the valuable time of those customers who want to join various resellers program from a single platform. ResellerGenie Plan is a set of project consists of mainly reseller’s service such as Reseller Offers, Domain Reseller Program, SSL Reseller Program and SEO Reseller Program.
Confused About Search Engine Optimisation? A1 Smart Web Solutions offers the Answer25 April 2008
Optimising your company’s website is a crucial task to complete flawlessly so that you can ensure that your get a high volume of traffic, ultimately resulting in incremental increases of revenue for your business.
Campus Advantage Announced Today a Partnership with Better World25 April 2008
Books, a for-profit social enterprise that collects books across the country and then sells books online to fund literacy initiatives worldwide
Taiwan Golden Quality Technology Co., Ltd Advances on OEM Manufacturing25 April 2008
For 2008, T.G.Q makes excellent progress to serve more OEM customers, it also keeps efforts to reach high level of quality control and management.
Doheny Capital Management25 April 2008
" In the world of business, Doheny Capital Management rises above the rest in providing seasoned shelf corporation to clients nationwide. Our offices are staffed with experts that are equipt with over 20 years of experience in dealing with small businesses, sole proprietorships and other similar ventures. This translates to successful investments because we are able to respond more effectively and efficiently to the demands of today’s more demanding breed of clients.
Tracy Honda Announces Availability of the 2008 Honda Accord25 April 2008
Tracy Honda, leading dealership for Honda vehicles in Tracy, CA, has announced the availability of the 2008 Honda Accord at its dealership. To get more details of the vehicle and the dealership, contact the dealership’s Certified Internet Manager, Mike Bruckner at (209) 879-6011. You can also mail him at: mikebruckner@tracyhonda.com.
Treasure Island Resort in Olongapo City Accepts Direct Reservations with New Reservation System25 April 2008
Treasure Island Resort in Olongapo City has launched an improved version of their website that accepts direct reservations online, providing the lowest rates and issuing instant confirmation.
Get a Home of Your Dreams!25 April 2008
Choosing a home loan largely depends on your personal requirements. However, there are certain key factors that can be taken into account to buy the best home loan. For ex. - how long you want to stay in the home, the mortgage rate, the risks in terms of your interest rate, payment flexibility, and the budget. For more about home loans, home equity, free checking, Texas bank, mortgage rates visit: www.gnty.com
Availing home loan is not difficult25 April 2008
If you want simple and easy home loans where you can get lower mortgage rates and flexible time period to pay off the mortgage amount than fixed rate home loans are the best loan scheme you should opt for. For more about home loans, home equity, free checking, Texas bank, visit: www.gnty.com
Mortgage loans for business and home purposes25 April 2008
If you are seeking home loans, then you can also go for close end home loans that provide lump sum amount to the borrower at the time of closing and the minimum money that is allowed to borrow depends upon the dependent factors like assessment value of your home, credit history and income. For more about home loans, home equity, Texas banks, mortgage rates, visit: www.gnty.com
LocalLINK.ie - Launch of searchable Irish Business Directory Site for Ireland25 April 2008
Link Directories Ltd, the Newry based directory publisher has just Launched their Irish Business directory Site for Ireland www.LocalLink.ie. Local LINK is Ireland's local search engine, providing access to classified business information, including business websites, addresses, phone numbers for your local area and locations throughout Ireland.
AMlingua: Discounts for English to Russian Translation25 April 2008
AMlingua, an expert in English to Russian and Russian to English translation service, this May offers a 5% discount for English to Russian translation.
RC Toys Bargain Galore, Only @ Reverse Auction X5!25 April 2008
What’re your favorite pastimes? Gone are the days when hobbies are limited to just reading, stamp collecting, fishing, board games, baseball or soccer. In this age of technological developments, rarely do we find youths who still indulge in hobbies named above. Instead, they choose to indulge in fast-paced and advanced leisure pursuits such as video gaming and remote controlled toys
Looking for a New Car? Look No Further!25 April 2008
Greenacre Honda is now Serving Blackburn and Clitheroe
Information about Current Competitions around the World25 April 2008
The competition site used to find variety of competitions that are currently going around the world. The competitions are Online Competition, Contest, Drawing Competition, writing competitions, Sports Competition, Music competition Etc.
Comodo Helps Leading Cutlery E-Tailer Increase Individual Transactional Value by Over 250%24 April 2008
ExcaliburCutlery.com integrated Comodo's eCommerce Accelerator Kit and saw average order value increase from $34 to $120
Timber Frame Architect, Bonin Architects & Associates, Hires Marketing Director24 April 2008
National architectural firm focusing on timber frame design, structural insulated panels and sustainable living, incorporating green design practices with alternative energy systems hires new Marketing Director.
Giblink - Get the Billion Dollar Products And Services At Your Fingertips!!24 April 2008
It's time for everyone to join the global marketplace and, in the process, change the way the world does business.
Fantasy Cricket Discussion Forum launched by Indian Fantasy League (IFL)24 April 2008
Indian Fantasy League has recently unveiled a discussion forum on the site thereby providing users with an interactive platform to exchange ideas and share information. The forum can be viewed at http://forum.indianfantasyleague.com
Feel at home in Burne Jones House – A blend of elegance and luxury24 April 2008
Apart-hotels.co.uk strives forward to provide a elegant and luxurious stay with Burne Jones House Apartments in Birmingham. The luxury Apartment provides spacious and fully furnished rooms to leisure as well as business travellers.
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