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Linde Boosts Heavy Trucks Business01 April 2008
By creating an independent business unit, Linde Material Handling aims to boost its heavy truck business and occupy a stronger position in the global market. This was underlined by Theodor Maurer, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) at Linde Material Handling GmbH, and Roland Hartwig, Managing Director of the Linde Heavy Truck Division, during a press event at the Merthyr Tydfil production site in the UK.
Sixty Second Hiv Test At Samedaydoctor01 April 2008
The popular walk-in clinic samedaydoctor offers an instant HIV test to its patients. Using the Canadian Insti technology, the HIV tests are 99.8% accurate and take only sixty seconds to complete.
MyBandsMusic.com Breaks New Ground-Offers 100% Profits Of Music Sales To Artists01 April 2008
MyBandsMusic gives artist the options of digital and physical distribution of their music, making announcements, fan communications, blogs, reviews, charts, and video posting- all right at their fingertips.
Neekam Offers Revolutionary Multi Level Marketing Referral System01 April 2008
Neekam announces the unveiling of a revolutionary multi level marketing referral system where users don’t have to buy anything and can enjoy 10% of all purchases their referrals make with Neekam. This takes all the work out of managing an affiliate home business. This system practically guarantees MLM marketing success.
Tourism Companies Discover The Benefits Of Viral Video Marketing01 April 2008
Given that tour operators and accommodations market an intangible experience it is important to bring their holidays alive in people’s imagination. Tourism companies are increasingly using video to promote their holidays and report a significant increase in leads and booking conversion.
Data Quality & Integration Service Provider Offers Internet-based TCM solutions01 April 2008
Prior to the introduction of NetEffect, data cleansing and matching were batch-based, requiring an extensive processing time before results were made available to the end-user.
Pubic Hair Grooming Kit Re-Launched In Time For Summer01 April 2008
Pubic hair grooming kit, the Ultimate Shaving Kit, is re-launched just in time for summer by Hair Care Down There for women who want a closer, smoother, sexier shave without ingrown hairs, bumps, rashes or itching.
Benefits of a Wholesale lingerie Business01 April 2008
If you are looking for a wholesaler like wholesale sexy lingerie seller or a wholesale sexy dresses seller to earn a secondary income online, you should go to auction websites like eBay an all. These are the great places to start with. These websites are places which deal in a no. of different product categories and offer you a wide choice to choose from. To know more about wholesale lingerie, wholesale sexy lingerie, wholesale sexy dresses, logon to www.smcfashion.com
Wholesale Lingerie and Online Party wear Business01 April 2008
Online business doesn’t facilitate only retail business but you can also go for online whole business. The wholesale business can give you a large deal of profit potential. All you need is to make a right choice in choosing a product line such as wholesale party dresses, wholesale lingerie or any other product line. For more about wholesale sexy lingerie, wholesale lingerie, wholesale sexy dresses, logon to: www.smcfashion.com
Prom nights – affordable dazzling dresses for D-day01 April 2008
There are several known designers who are designing wholesale party dresses, namely Mori Lee, Jovani, Clarisse, and Faviana. Fabric is also one of important considerations when purchasing whole sale cocktail dresses, wholesale party dresses, wholesale prom dresses and others. For more information on wholesale sexy dresses, wholesale sexy lingerie, wholesale lingerie and others, log on to www.smcfashion.com
We Understand Requirements and Latest Trends for You01 April 2008
SMC Fashion is a destination for retailers as well as vendors. We also offer a great opportunity to upcoming or established extremely created designers to become a part of our organization. They can get a good platform to share their creation with us. For more information about wholesale lingerie, wholesale sexy lingerie, wholesale sexy dresses, visit: www.smcfashion.com
Dresses for women of substance!01 April 2008
SMC Fashion is one of the leading manufacturers of wholesale evening gowns, wholesale party dresses, wholesale sexy dresses, wholesale lingerie, and wholesale sexy lingerie, wholesale lingeries, who offer immaculately crafted designs with superior fabric quality. Moreover, many retailers have already immense benefited from its highly classic range of wholesale evening gowns and wholesale sexy lingerie.
Wholesale Evening Gowns & Wholesale Sexy Lingerie from SMC Fashion01 April 2008
Of late, a rapidly growing inclination towards wholesale evening gowns and wholesale lingerie are being found. In fact, there is a huge demand for wholesale party dresses, wholesale sexy dresses and wholesale sexy lingerie in the US market at the present moment.
Dress Up to Compliment Your Look01 April 2008
The most awaited night is approaching! Prom night! Excitement is all in the air to shop for that most uncommon, alluring, sassy prom dress. Dresses to make you stand out from others on that magical evening.
Looking Great with Designer Plus Size Clothing01 April 2008
For many women, discovering designer plus size clothing is nothing less than a revelation. It can mean that getting dressed becomes one of the joys of life instead of something you dread every morning. Designer outfits are often cut much better than chain store items so they hang better, creating much more of whatever effect your striving for.
Ooh! La La Couture Added to Designer Clothes Available at SandboxCouture.com01 April 2008
Sandbox Couture expands selection of Baby Clothes & Designer Clothes
Manage It All Corporation Goes Green With Shaklee For Earth Day 200801 April 2008
Chad Nilsson of Manage All of It Corporation suggests a practical solution for everyone to get involved and participate in making a difference. Shaklee Corporation produces green-friendly home cleaning products, purifiers for water and air, a vast array of premium quality nutritional products.
The future of newspapers - Worldwide market trends01 April 2008
According to InfoCom’s latest research, Newspapers are realising that the most important part of the word is “news” and not “paper”. Readers expects news to be accessible everywhere and use the Internet as a main information source; therefore, publishers target new technologies like the Internet or mobile phones to make newspapers more interactive.
Reservations at Best Rates Now Available on AIM Conference Center Baguio’s Website01 April 2008
AIM Conference Center Baguio mproves its customer service offerings on its website (www.accm.aim.edu.ph/accb/index.htm) with the addition of a reservation system that offers guests low rates.
QCE Fence Launches New Range Of Designer Fencing & Lighting Products01 April 2008
St. Louis, Missouri, March 28, 2008 – QCE Fence, a company that has been in the fence industry for the last 20 years, has announced the launch of its new range of fencing and lighting products.
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