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BridgeHead FileStore Data Migrator Now Shipping for ProStor’s InfiniVault Archive Appliance01 April 2008
BridgeHead Software uses policy-based management to automatically and transparently identify and move data to ProStor Systems removable disk archiving system
Alternative Technology wins Citrix Authorized Learning Center Award01 April 2008
Strong Professional and Education Services at Alternative Technology Garners Citrix Americas CALC of the Year for 2007
Controversial War Author Bob Miller Turns To Fiction01 April 2008
Bob Miller, the outspoken author and political activist, has turned to fiction in his new work ‘An Angel Named Zabar’, a collection of spiritual short stories.
Buying Garden Chairs Off-Season Best Way To Save Money, Says Consumer Body01 April 2008
Buying garden chairs in the autumn and winter months could be the best way to grab a bargain and save on cost price, according to consumer website BuyChairs.org.
Avillion Admiral Cove in Port Dickson Shows Best Rates Online with New Reservation System31 March 2008
Avillion Admiral Cove in Port Dickson, Malaysia has developed its official website, adding a reservation system that offers instant confirmation and best rates online.
New “101-Day Business-Growth Challenge” from OneCoach Helps Small Businesses Attract More Clients31 March 2008
OneCoach, the leader in small-business growth services, has announced the launch of the “101-Day Business-Growth Challenge” to help entrepreneurs face the economic downturn head on, and grow their businesses while others shrink.
2008 Denver Real Estate Listings & Denver Homes for Sale announced by The Boyer Group31 March 2008
Denver's leading real estate broker, The Boyer Group (http://www.scottboyerhomes.com) is now offering qualified Denver real estate listings & Denver homes for sale. Each listed property has been thoroughly assessed by experts.
EWA Launches Corporate Blog31 March 2008
Specialist relationship management agency, EWA Bespoke Communications has recently launched a new corporate blog. The blog will become an essential part of the company’s marketing communications and provides a dynamic means of connecting with both current and potential clients.
Customer Insight leads to Marketing Communications Database31 March 2008
A major UK distribution company is to invest in a marketing database from development specialists EWA Bespoke Communications following successful and informed analysis of their sales and product data. The company boasts stock of more than 16,000 different spare parts for multiple industries. With over 7,000 live and active sales accounts in any one month detailed customer insight is essential to enable informed and accurately targeted marketing.
Retailer of Titanium Rings Adds New Budget Conscious Line of Titanium and Tungsten Rings31 March 2008
Titanium-Jewelry.com adds Rings on a Budget. These ultramodern wedding bands carry the same quality as designer pieces and are ideal for shoppers satisfied with non-designer style coupled with affordable value.
Wondrous Wedding Attires 2008- Exclusive Bridesmaid Dresses and Bridal Gowns Online31 March 2008
Wedding are all about personal styles in 2008 and Shopshop.com brings in fashion that compliments the present wedding season with gorgeous traditional yet modish wedding dresses hitting the online catalog for bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses online
“Light-Version with Power”31 March 2008
Manage Your New Website Easily! acmsLite from KC3.net is the light-version of the multifunctional Content Management System, acms. acmsLite provides you with an easy way to keep your website up to date and on the right side of the DDA accessibility laws because it is an accessible content management system.
New Football Coaching Website31 March 2008
Football coaches in the UK and Europe stuck for inspiration or just looking for a new training idea can now get professional tips, tools and techniques free on a new website.
New Soccer Coaching Blog31 March 2008
A blog dedicated to soccer coaching has been launched by Better Soccer Coaching, a leading online publisher of soccer coaching advice.
Tips on Choosing Your Vacation Dates and Destination in Myrtle Beach.31 March 2008
North Myrtle Beach condo rates vary drastically depending on which time of the year you stay. You could save hundreds of dollars if you stay during the off-season, while rates are good and the beach is still beautiful.
Web Development India31 March 2008
With increase in competition, scaling customer demands and reducing margins it is important that business around the world look at outsourcing partners such as IT Chimes. Web Development partners like IT Chimes help in reduction of costs, increase in ROI, creating value for end customers and improving efficiencies to achieve the best for an organization.
Uluru, The Outback & Koalas: Mygreatworld.Com Adds The 5Th Continent31 March 2008
Combining different approaches MyGreatAustralia.com opens up its services to the community to build an online-database of literally any spot in Uluru.
Neekam Giving Away Free Make Money At Home System Worth $5,000.00!31 March 2008
Make money on the internet opportunity company, Neekam, is giving away make money from home income system worth $5,000.00. The Neekam home based make money from home process has allowed the masses to “crack the code” of making money from home success. To celebrate, they are giving away a complete system
Calculate your winning with Partypoker calculator31 March 2008
Party poker calculator keeps an eye on your play and provides you some real time suggestions and guidance in every betting round. This partypoker calculator is a must for the players who deal with real money. For more information on Partypoker calculator, log onto www.PartyTool.net
Overview of party poker calculator31 March 2008
Party poker calculator is add-on program along with some comprehensive features, which simplifies a player’s play as well as sharpen the skills related to Texas Hold’em. It chiefly watches all the moves while a player gets engaged in this game and also provides you with real time guidance in every single betting round. For more information about party poker calculator, partypoker calculator, visit: www.partytool.net
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