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New California Instruments Are Now Available for Sale24 March 2008
Test Equipment Connection Corporation today announced the company has entered into a U.S. distribution sales agreement with California Instruments to sell select new California Instruments precision AC and DC power sources.
Sunbelt Outsourcing has changed its name to Sunbelt Business Solutions24 March 2008
The change of name intends to effectively represent their KPO business that has evolved from basic back-office services to offering end-to-end business solutions for Accounting, IT, Marketing and Operational needs of third party clients. This Ahmedabad-based KPO has been in operations since the last 3 years and hires CAs, MBAs and IT engineers.
MindGenies presents the Best Reseller Offers plan which is a high yielding vehicle for resellers.24 March 2008
Best Reseller Offers is that boulevard from where you can achieve the target of winning the market and cover the whole market within a short spam of time. Best Reseller Offers provide you a number of plans from where you can join all the plans and start generating revenue as per your requirement. This service consists of Livehelp Reseller, Domain Reseller, SSL Certificates Reseller and SEO Reseller Plans.
The New York Comic-Con 2008 Features Girl Power Pop Superhero Cookie Cutter Girl24 March 2008
The 2008 New York Comic-Con, 4/18-4/20, is the "East Coast's biggest and most exciting popular culture convention."
First Freely Available Professional Online Photo Resizing Engine Gets Faster24 March 2008
Reshade released today an improved version of its photo resizing engine. While the client for Windows is priced at $149 the online application is free to use. Both have enjoyed great reviews in the online community. Limiting maximum image size, reshade.com makes available, for the first time, professional photo resizing for anyone to use.
Box NYC, New York City’s Premier Social Boxing Event, Returns For Fourth Edition24 March 2008
World Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko To Accept Donation On Behalf Of The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation
Technology Reduces Legal Fees in Bankruptcy Practice24 March 2008
Chicago bankruptcy attorney Tom Makedonski, offers flat fees for chapter 7 bankruptcies because technology has made it possible to save time and pass those costs down to clients equating lower fees. Technology is the key factor as to why fees should and can be lowered in certain areas of law such as bankruptcy.
Podcast Released for Managing Your Business Sales in a Recession24 March 2008
Patricia Weber, Sales Accelerator and Business Coach, announces the debut of her Top Salespeople Sales Secrets Podcast.
BudgetGPS Announces Low Cost GPS Tracking Solution24 March 2008
BudgetGPS announced today that it has released version 2.0 of its primary operating system as well as a new, more aggressive pricing structure designed to allow smaller fleets access to truck mounted GPS services.
Chicago Local Company Offers Rent To Own Options to Credit Challenged Home Buyers24 March 2008
Home buyers with recent concerns such as lack of credit or bad credit, medical related issues, divorce, past bankruptcies, self employment or first time home buyers with no credit are all seriously exploring RENT TO OWN options when contemplating their home buying choices.
Distributive Management to Sponsor PMI® 2008 MetSIG Online Global Congress24 March 2008
Distributive Management announced today its sponsorship and participation in The Project Management Institute’s 2008 MetSIG Online Global Congress. The Metrics Specific Interest Group (MetSIG), founded by industry experts, is recognized worldwide for its contribution in leadership and innovation of services, products and best practices.
Flash Drives, a large piece in the eco-puzzle.23 March 2008
USB Source’s new NAND Flash requires less than 2% of the energy compared to energy consumption of conventional CD technology.
USB Source prepares to launch North American B2B business.22 March 2008
Hires prominent promotional products experts to chart significant inroads to the US corporate marketplace.
Web Design and Web Development service22 March 2008
In this Press Release we'll help you to choose a Web Designing services providers that's right for you. If you are looking for Web Designing services, your first step will probably be to search for "Web Designing services" on Google or another search engine. This will, of course, give you a wealth of options to choose from.
Contemporary Bathroom Design Adds Thousands To Property Resale Value22 March 2008
Modern bathroom interiors can increased the resale value of properties by several thousand pounds, according to a study published by consumer site ebathroom.net.
NYC Attorney announces Free Seminar on managing Child Support Payments during recession21 March 2008
Tracey A. Bloodsaw, a well known & experienced New York based attorney specializing in family law, divorce & matrimonial law, will be conducting a free seminar which will aim at imparting useful knowledge on managing child support payments during recession.
2008 Men's NCAA Basketball Final Four Tickets now on sale at TICKETFINDER.com™21 March 2008
TICKETFINDER.com™ is offering 2008 Men's NCAA Basketball Final Four tickets for immediate shipping. They can be ordered online or via telephone at 1800-523-1515. Free shipping & lowest price guarantee options available with Final Four tickets.
JAJAH Launches Global Community Sponsorship Program for Nonprofit Organizations21 March 2008
JAJAH Supports the Nonprofit Community With Free Global JAJAH Calling and Public Service Announcements
Hair Replacement is a preventive measure to hair fall, thinning or appearing in large amounts on the comb or brush. Hair transplant is one such remedial measure to prevent hair loss. It includes hair removal from donor areas to be replaced in the parts of head that is in short of hair. 100% of the hair replacement techniques have become popular worldwide thus giving the hair a fabulous look.
A New Feminine Hygiene Product that contains natural ingredients.21 March 2008
Have you ever felt the need to have a spa near you everytime you experience an odor problem, or may be got commented on an odor problem…..no need to worry ….as Mystique Feminine Wipes takes care of your problems.
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