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Flatlift Tv Lifts ”Made In Germany“ Now Also In Las Vegas19 March 2008
Flatlift founds branch with new online shop in the USA
Surviving Extramarital Affairs Has Now Got Easier19 March 2008
Relationship coaches Doug and Chris Young have created a free 8 part mini course passing on advice on understanding, coping with and surviving infidelity based on what they went through and how they dealt with it.
Online Shopping Figures Equal March Madness For Brick And Mortar Businesses19 March 2008
AIT’s latest endeavor focuses solely on the small business individual confronted by the reality of having to move online in order to survive.
Asia generates half of the World wide online game revenues, Europe representing 20%19 March 2008
According to InfoCom’s latest report FTTX — EXPERIENCES AND STRATEGIES — Filling the pipe of the NGN, In 2007, the global online games revenues — estimated between 3.5 to 4.5 Euro billion — are made 90% by PC games.
Accolades For Medical Tourism Provider Nip And Tuck Panama19 March 2008
The Medical Tourism provider can be called on at any hour to perform or provide Urgent and needy assistance without prior arrangement. Nip and Tuck Panama had to recently perform such an assignment under extreme emergency conditions.
Virtual Meets Personal At The First Annual Forum On Virtual Assistance19 March 2008
Virtual Assistants from across North America – industry leaders and those new to the industry - will meet in Toronto in May ‘08 for the first ever forum of it’s kind in Canada.
UThinkIt Graphics Selected as by Long-Standing Television Show as Marketing Firm of Choice19 March 2008
Wright Place TV Show selects award winning marketing and graphic design agency to develop their marketing campaign for the show’s 6th Annual Mother’s Day Television Special.
Hendrick BMW Launches BMW Performance Parts Special19 March 2008
Hendrick BMW, one of the leading BMW dealers in Charlotte, NC, announces BMW Performance Parts Special program featuring attractive price on Carbon Fiber Air Intake ($800 plus tax) and Performance Exhaust System ($889 plus tax), with free installation. For details, contact Hendrick BMW or log on to http://www.hendrickbmw.com
2008 NCAA Men's Basketball East Regionals Tickets sale announced by TICKETFINDER.com™18 March 2008
TICKETFINDER.com™, a leading online tickets broker, is offering 2008 Men's NCAA Basketball East Regional’s tickets with free shipping and lowest price guarantee options. Tickets can be ordered online or via telephone at 1-800-523-1515.
LogoBee works with the global business community18 March 2008
LogoBee is proud to offer their graphic design services to countries located all over the world. This way global businesses can obtain custom logo designs and websites.
A Call for Change in America18 March 2008
With the presidential elections coming, A.J Wildman, in his Second Coming of Common Sense, urges the American public to challenge the candidates and powerful politicians to ensure their own opinions of how the government should be run and regain the control of democracy. He describes the unavoidable theory the “Common Decision” and models his new book after one of the most influential writings in American history: Common Sense.
London, 18 March 2008 – JF Hillebrand the UK's number one specialist logistics provider to the wine and spirits industry, has been hard at work over the last two-years to address major UK transportation concerns.
Road Warriors Now Reaching Out to Mother Nature18 March 2008
With the growing awareness and concern for global warming, BeamYourScreen comes to the rescue of road warriors, offering a web conferencing solution that contributes directly to protecting the environment, as well as saving users valuable time and money.
Introducing an ergonomic dog bed with classic design by Cashmere Co.18 March 2008
Finally, all faithful companions have found a voice in this handmade, well-crafted, luxuriously therapeutic Secure Snuggler®.
Neekam Giving Away Free Home Business System Worth $5,000.0018 March 2008
Home based business opportunity company, Neekam, is giving away a home business internet income system worth $5,000.00. The Neekam system has allowed the masses to “crack the code” of Internet business success. To celebrate, they are giving away a complete system.
Alpha Theory Announces Investment Industry Veteran Harry Blount as Chairman of Advisory Board18 March 2008
Alpha Theory is pleased to announce former Institutional Investor and Wall Street Journal ranked industry veteran Harry Blount has been elected Chairman of the Advisory Board. With over 20 years of experience, most recently as Senior Vice President at Lehman Brothers, Harry Blount will serve as an outside advisor to Alpha Theory, a leading provider of Expected Return-based Portfolio Management software.
Opportunities and Challenges with Transformation of Shoes Industry-Dongguan China Shoes 2008 Spring18 March 2008
Dongguan China Shoes.China Shoetec is an UFI approved event and the only shoes fair in Dongguan of PR China. It is the best one-stop sourcing platform in Asia for middle-to-high end footwear, materials & machineries. Dongguan, being the production hub of middle-to-high end shoes in PR China, provided an ideal platform for shoes exhibition and it’s convenience to plan for factory visits after show.
Travel Videographer Shares Secrets Of Getting Paid To Film Holidays18 March 2008
Tourists seldom realise they can enjoy free or even paid holidays simply by videoing their trips as a promotional online aid for tour companies. But travel videographer Thomas Reissmann is now sharing some hot tips with would-be filmmakers in ‘How to Get Paid Filming Holidays’ – a revealing online manual published at his Filming Holidays website http://www.filmingholidays.com).
Trade Price Conservatories Announce New Finance Director Mandy Muspratt18 March 2008
Trade Price Conservatories are a leading supplier of DIY conservatories nationwide in the UK. Trade Price Conservatories announce Mandy Muspratt as their new Finance Director in effect from March 2008.
Online Reputation Management by Semaphore18 March 2008
Years of your hard work and millions of dollars spent shall be ruined when your “Reputation” is harmed. And more killing is when it comes to Reputation in the virtual world where you can’t put a GO AWAY with it. Online Reputation management is a major pain but we at Semaphore have a solution.
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