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BagButton’s Family of Inventors to Attend the Worlds Largest Christmas Bazaar 200706 November 2007
BagButton LLC (www.bagbutton.com), the Global leader in economical space saving solutions, will be exhibiting at The World's largest Christmas Bazaar exhibition and show Nov 23rd through Dec 2nd, 2007 in the Portland Oregon Expo Center.
National Magazines ‘Which Caravan’ and ‘Camping Magazine’ Features the BagButton.06 November 2007
‘Which Caravan’ and ‘Camping Magazine’ hit newsstands in November and December, with segment features that discuss the benefits of the BagButton for their readers. More information can be found at www.bagbutton.co.uk
Handy adapter promises easier, waste-free life31 October 2007
As an answer to the clarion call for the need to save energy and at the same time to make life a little bit easier, a handy, 3-plug adapter has recently been introduced to the market and has been pegged as a must-have.
BagButton’s Exclusive Distribution Family extends to Australia.15 October 2007
BagButton LLC. (www.bagbutton.com) Global leader in economical Vacuum Storage bag Space Saving solutions announced today the launch of a new distribution outlet source. (BagButton Australia) www.bagbutton.com.au
Wolf Urine - Natural solution to coyote problem12 October 2007
Coyote are becoming a major nuisance in cities and towns across America. Wolf urine could be a natural solution to the growing problem.
Radiant Heat System in Perfect Prices09 October 2007
Radiant heat systems are unique because they can maintain comfort at a lower air temperature. Heat radiates from the panels to objects and people in the room. Eventually, heat migrates from objects to room air, and the air temperature stabilizes.
Mice moving in? Urine luck!26 September 2007
Mice are a problem in many homes at this time of year. PredatorPee.com of Maine has a natural solution -- 100% BobcatPee.
BagButton Gives Exclusive Distribution Rights to an Independent in the UK21 September 2007
BagButton LLC. (www.bagbutton.com) Global leader in economical Vacuum Storage Space Saving solutions announced today the launch of their new distribution outlet source. (J.P.MAILING SERVICES of the UK). www.bagbutton.co.uk.
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