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David Meerman Scott tells yourBusinessChannel what businesses need to know, now04 July 2008
Author of best seller The New Rules of Marketing & PR, a hand book for modern marketers around the globe, Scott gave fascinating insight into how Web 2.0 technologies have ended the old interruptive marketing styles.
yourBusinessChannel at Search Engine Strategies Hamburg23 June 2008
yourBusinessChannel set to unveil latest trends at Search Engine Strategies Hamburg.
iDTRONIC Introduces The New High Performance Handheld Terminal Ezit II19 June 2008
iDTRONIC, a leading supplier of RFID Hardware solutions, today introduced the flexible, multifunction high-performance Handheld Terminal Ezit II.
iDTRONIC presents the new RFID Disc Transponder INDUS Tag27 May 2008
iDTRONIC, a leading supplier for RFID Hardware solutions, introduces the PPS “Indus”Disctag to international customers, as a premier at the IFSEC Security & RFID Exhibition in Birmingham
US mobile market set to change significantly in 2008 with a move towards flat voice tariffs20 May 2008
The US mobile market is set to change significantly in 2008, with the move of local incumbents, AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless, towards a flat voice tariff model in 1Q08..
iDTRONIC Offers a New UHF Reader SDK to all RFID System Integrators at a Special Introductory Price15 May 2008
iDTRONIC, a leading supplier of RFID Hardware solutions, today announces its UHF Long Range Reader Starter Kit . Special promotion pricing will run through June 2008.
PDF Direct & Quick View 510 May 2008
soft Xpansion publishes the version 5 of the software libraries for the direct integration of PDF into software products
soft Xpansion presents Party Styler10 May 2008
Party Styler – software with 300 cool outfits for every party!
Innovative design: MyGreatWorld.com updates web-interface of the rapidly growing photo-community15 April 2008
Critically acclaimed database and alternative photo-community at MyGreatWorld.com reveals new design of the free, fast & rapidly growing online-platform of the world.
Due to strong competition, carriers start to become more customer oriented15 April 2008
Due to the strong competitive environment, fixed network carriers introduce a significant number of customer-friendly initiative as well as discounted prices, through which carriers were able to attract new customers. Research by InfoCom on this topic has shown that this trend is especially true for fixed network operators.
iDTRONIC Electronic Identification Presents Two New RFID Desktop Readers03 April 2008
iDTRONIC, a leading supplier of RFID hardware solutions, today introduced two new AXR200 RFID Desktop Readers for reading and writing of both LF and HF Transponders.
The future of newspapers - Worldwide market trends01 April 2008
According to InfoCom’s latest research, Newspapers are realising that the most important part of the word is “news” and not “paper”. Readers expects news to be accessible everywhere and use the Internet as a main information source; therefore, publishers target new technologies like the Internet or mobile phones to make newspapers more interactive.
Uluru, The Outback & Koalas: Mygreatworld.Com Adds The 5Th Continent31 March 2008
Combining different approaches MyGreatAustralia.com opens up its services to the community to build an online-database of literally any spot in Uluru.
BeamYourScreen Enters the Broker Business via Time and Money Saving Web Service26 March 2008
The broker business becomes another industry of success for BeamYourScreen, with the launch of their award winning HTML session viewer in collaboration with their online presentation software solutions.
Asia generates half of the World wide online game revenues, Europe representing 20%19 March 2008
According to InfoCom’s latest report FTTX — EXPERIENCES AND STRATEGIES — Filling the pipe of the NGN, In 2007, the global online games revenues — estimated between 3.5 to 4.5 Euro billion — are made 90% by PC games.
Road Warriors Now Reaching Out to Mother Nature18 March 2008
With the growing awareness and concern for global warming, BeamYourScreen comes to the rescue of road warriors, offering a web conferencing solution that contributes directly to protecting the environment, as well as saving users valuable time and money.
InspiNation: The world as a global community14 March 2008
With his individual art project, InspiNation, Düsseldorf artist Dirk Jakobs is hoping to take part in this year’s Pangea Day – the world’s largest film screening. These short films have one aim: to promote tolerance among the cultures of the world.
Mygreatworld's Open, Fast & Free Photo-Community For Bolivia12 March 2008
Mygreatworld's Open, Fast & Free Photo-Community For Bolivia
Synchronica Wins Additional Award10 March 2008
Synchronization Pioneer Wins European Seal of E-Excellence for Mobile Email
E-health applications as new business opportunities in high competitive markets10 March 2008
According to InfoCom’s latest research, telecom carriers all over Europe have launched solutions for the healthcare sector.
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